Fall color cashew?

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  1. Do Blake come in cashew later this year?? :smile:
  2. Nope. Cashew, Mouse, Black, Chestnut are the colors for Quilted Frame Collection line (Stam, E/W Stam, Stam Hobo, Little Stam,..).

    Blake belongs to Soft Calf Leather Classics Collection line. According to www.marcjacobs.com, the colors for this line in Fall 2006 include: black, linen (off-white/greyish), whisky, graphite, amethyst (purple) and emerald.

    The site only shows these styles:

    Sporty Tote (14.5x10x5.5): Linen, Graphite, Black, Amethyst, and Whiskey.

    Amy Hobo (13x12.5x6): Graphite, Emerald, Black, Amethyst, Whiskey, Linen

    Venetia (16x12x4) : Whiskey, Amethyst, Graphite

    MJ store confirms that Blake'll be returning.

    <<Please update/correct if any info is incorrect. >>

    I can't wait to see the color Amethyst in person. From the online pictures, it seems like the contrast stitching will be eliminated! YAY! Maybe, I am just dreaming! =) I have Blake in Linen (from previous seasons), I like the fact that the contrast stitching is not obvious like recent Black Blake & White Blake. Please forgive me if you like contrast stitching.

    Would be nice if Soft Calf Leather Classics Collection line comes with silver hardware....
  3. I can be wrong with the above information, maybe, it's better to wait. =)

    The official site's not very helpful (no info for Blake, all the colors are usually not listed) & SAs often give wrong information.

    marcjacobs.com - Large Bowler will come in Graphite, Emerald, Black, Cashew, Whiskey, and Mouse.
  4. Thank you so much .. You have been very helpful :yes: ....Yes it would be VERY nice if the hardware was silver ....

    So linen and white is not the same color? :shame:
  5. Cilifene,

    Linen & White are different colors, but you can only tell them apart if they are placed next to each other. White gives you the impression of a brand-new white bag. Linen is more off-white -- I would describe it as an Antiqued White bag. =) I bought and returned a White Blake from Nordstrom because the stitching was dark (if I remember correctly, it was brownish); when I went back the next day, it's sold. I later got a Linen Blake, its grey (??) stitching doesn't pop out as much. Color-wise, I prefer White (we always like what we can't get). Some Marc Jacobs stores might have a few of Linen/White Blake left.

    Here are 2 pictures of Linen Blake (saved from bluebeeonline). You can visit their site for some other MJ bags in Linen & Eggshell & White (variations of White), I can't tell them apart online.
  6. Thanks a lot! :biggrin: Can I see a pic. of your linen? Do you know the weight of it? ...I have a bowler and it has canvas lining so it's not heawy. I know that Blake has suede lining ..
  7. My camera's not with me this week, but the online store where I bought it from declared the package as 1lb. Linen Blake has Blue suede lining & gold hardware, it's heavier than Bowler. It's a lot lighter than Stam for sure. I find it managable. =)

    I don't know if the upcoming Blakes will still have suede linings, I hope so... Which color are you interested in?
  8. I would like a linen ..but now you tell me it has blue lining :sad:...dont know! is' it dark blue? I hoped the lining was camel...Do you think it's as heavy as Paddy?
  9. Not very dark, but it's definitely not pastel blue. =) Should be the same blue suede lining as some other MJ bags. The suede lining for Nutmeg is light.

    I no longer have Paddy, but I believe Paddy's heavier.
  10. Thanks! you have been very helpful :biggrin:
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