Fall Boots Are Coming In...wow!the Prices..ouch..

  1. [​IMG]Dior on Elux-Post a pic of your new fave fall boots!:graucho:
  2. they look fierce!!!
    wow, very sexy!

    the loeffler randall are still my favourite, i guess this winter i'll be able to purchase a pair...:lol::biggrin:
  3. ooops....here's the pic!!
  4. have you seen the platform Louboutin ankle boots!?! TDF!!!
  5. Mischa - those boots are hot! And comfortable looking, how rare!
  6. i know i know...i've been eyeing those for so long....i want them so bad!!:love:
    hope i'll be able to find a pair!:biggrin::shame:
  7. Mischa, go to Shopbop. com. The boots are there!!!! I don't know what their international shipping is like but the customer service is great domestically.
  8. i tried to, but
    1)they don't have my size:sad:
    2)they don't ship to europe:sad::sad:
    hope to find them!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Just saw them at Bergdorf's also. I wear a size 10 and I am not able to find my size either. I am still looking!
  10. due to the weather here i nearly never wear boots (nor do i own that many) but i have my eyes on these two for travelling to colder places
    choo01.jpg NMX9434_mp.jpg
  11. i like the second style....:biggrin::yes:
    ...but i can't find my peace until i find my Randalls!:sad:
  12. I just pre-ordered these Chloe-Buckled Riding Boots :love: .
  13. HOT! I saw those too.
  14. Saks in Bala,PA has all the new Chloe boots in for fall...I died.....they are soo HOT!
  15. I love your taste in boots!!! :yes: