Fall blue or Emerald Green Twiggy?

  1. I'm ready to buy my very first B-bag!!!

    i can't decide which color i should get, blue or emerald? i love them both:roflmfao: !!! i've got one blue bag already (Chloe silverado), should i get another blue bag???? i wear jeans A LOT, i want a color i can wear year round. Hows the emerald look IRL?

    Please, guys:cry: help me out!!!!!!
  2. Just so you know, after you buy your first B-bag you will almost immediatly want another. So, resistance is futile. Buy both.:flowers:
  3. My vote is for BLUE!
  4. Emerald goes well with denim. My vote is for the emerald twiggy.
  5. I have an Emerald City, and I love it. It looks great with black, brown, white, blue--most anything.

    It's a deep colour, so if you like gemstone colours, it would be a good choice.
  6. definitely the emerald green twiggy...i've got an emerald green purse & the color is amazing :greengrin:
  7. I have an emerald twiggy and I absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend it. It did take me a little while to warm up to her since she was my first non-city bag. But now, I can't imagine how I ever even thought that. Her veins are definitely blending the more I use her too.
    Green Twiggy.JPG Green Slumpy.JPG
  8. i reckon you should go for the green emerald twiggy! actually any colour twiggy would be great! hehehe! im no help... sorry hehe!
  9. If you wear a lot of denim, I think the emerald would be a great contrasting color. Blue on blue some times get lost...
  10. heres the pic of blue twiggy that i got from CULTSTAUS, what you guys think?
  11. yea....thats true, especially with light-washed jeans...:hrmm:
  12. Definitely seconding what Irishgal said - so true!! :yes:

    The Emerald looks stunning and in Twiggy - TDF!! :heart: Then, your next bag can be in blue...:biggrin:
  13. OMG, the emerald is stunning!!!!!
  14. 1):roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    2) So true - might as well give in now and save yourself the hassle.;)
  15. i would go with the emerald. it would provide a more striking contrast to jeans than a blue (unless you get the ink, which i think is lovely). plus, you already have a blue bag. get the emerald for now; you can get the blue later!
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