Fall Bags Visit 57th Street & other News

  1. Here's the latest scoop from NYC:

    Fall/Winter Bags and some RTW will be at the 57th Street Flagship. Viewings after 6pm, by invite only, with champagne and cute waiters. No formal invitations - they just found out and are calling customers. So call your SA and mention you heard that the bags are making appearances in boutiques; when will they be at 57th? Good luck and hope to see you Tuesday.

    Other news: A new fall catalog is in stores now called Le Voyage. There's a really nice picture of the azur berkeley as well as an intriguing photo of a trunks and bags silk scarf. Since it's travel related, there's a picture of the pomme pegase, various keepalls, speedys and other luggage type things.

    Can you believe I did this on my lunch break? And fit in the Baccarat Jewelry sale? I need a nap.
  2. sounds awesome! thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. ^^^

    I thought you were going to the one on the 20th??
  5. I probably will go to that too but this one has free champagne. Considering how much $$$ I spend, I figure I have it coming.
  6. I will go strictly for the waiters lol!

    I would LOVE to go!
  7. Wow, I would need a nap for sure! Very exciting news, cannot wait to hear back from you with all the details.
  8. lol thanks restricter for all your hard work lately, you do need a nap! lol
  9. ughhh why can i not ever go to these things???? :sad: i have to work on tuesday.
  10. Sounds like fun! Take a little nap and get ready to enjoy the champagne!
  11. :cursing: my SA just called. i want to gooooo but i have to work on both tues and weds! i dunno what times tho, maybe i'm scheduled earlier? i want to goooo!
  12. I can't go either...:crybaby: It was my first invitation from LV...
  13. Nice to know! Wish I lived there lol.
  14. They called and I was at work... did anyone go? How was it?
  15. Thanks for sharing.