???Fall Bags Not Coming In Until September???

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  1. :confused1::hysteric:
    Did anyone else hear this??? I can't wait until then, I just can't!!!!
  2. OH NO DEANA... I sure hope not as I cant wait that long either. I WANT THEM ALL AND I WANT THEM NOW !!! :blush: Let us know if you hear any thing else, PLEASE
  3. I had a call from my SA at Harvey Nichs and she told me the new collection would be arriving mid-June :shrugs:

    You guys in the US usually get them a little bit before us in the UK I think :confused1:
  4. Thinking about it - don't the pre-collection colours get released in June and then the main collection colours sometime in August? :shrugs:
  5. September's so far away!!! :crybaby:My heart hopes they arrive mid-June, but I think my credit card and SO will be happier if they do come in September.
  6. i'm pretty sure they start rolling in the stores as early as June, at least that's what BalNY says... they just don't know what exactly will be coming in when, though
  7. The "pre-collection" appears in stores in early June. The more *anticipated* colors (Marigold/Jaune, Violet/Grape & Terre di Sienne) are part of the Fall/Winter Collection which (I've been told) will not be in stores until mid-September!!!

    That's why I pre-ordered my bag; I would miss out as I'm always overseas from mid-Sept to mid-Oct.
  8. A sa at LVR told me today that they are waiting the shipment of the new collection for mid-june but she wasn't so sure if it will be the pre-collection or the collection she maybe will phone me on monday and she will tell me about the arrive of grape bags. I will le you know wath I'll discover...
  9. what are ocean, creme and pine - pre-collection or fall collection? Anyone know?
  10. Pre collection: Early June (the shipment is on going for the next 3 months after that).

    COLLECTION: last week of July til last week of August

    HOLIDAY: October - November (no waitlist yet)
  11. From a Bal email:

    The new colors for pre-collection are:
    Sienna- a warm medium brown with reddish undertones.
    Ocean- true medium royal blue.
    Dark Olive- dark, deep olive green.
    Paprika- exactly like the spice, an intense orangey red.
    Tomato- a true tomato red, not too intense, very pretty.
    Steel- dark charcoal grey, very true in tone.
    Creme-Ivory, not white.

    Collection colors are:
    Pine- very dark green, like a pine tree.
    Grape- the perfect dark purple, true with no variance
    Cinnamon- very dark brown, warm undertones, like the spice.
    Marigold- beautiful warm yellow, like a mustard yellow, not bright, but
    Oatmeal- light beige/brown. a bit darker than last season's Sandstone.
  12. Yep, this is exactly what I heard too. Thanks CJ
  13. So if pre-collection and collection bags may debut in June and Sept, when does the LE magenta come out?
  14. August 1 (give or take)