Fall Bags at NM.com

  1. I am really digging the red veneta--the detailing is beautiful!
    bv1.jpg bv2.jpg bv6.jpg bv3.jpg bv4.jpg
  2. Wow.. it's so preeettty... do you know how much is the retail for that veneta? I couldn't find it at nm.com
  3. ooppsss found it... wow it's $3340 !:sweatdrop:
  4. They have a larger size called the "maxi veneta"
    this is the bag that is supposed to come out in the blonde too. Here's a pic attached...

    It was estimated that they may come out in October, but it seems perhaps sooner?
  5. wow that Veneta is stunning!
  6. The red is GORG! I love the green too. Been seeing it everywhere in the fall previews....Good neutral color no?


    What do you ladies think? I think I may pre-order for Fall...
  7. Seems like Scala and Carmino are different colours. There's a Scala Sloane on NM and it looks to be a rusty brown as compared to the Carmino tote.
  8. rachelmarie822 I think that would be a marvelous preorder!!!
  9. Nice thread!
  10. I am very tempted! I've missed out on a lot of the hot sale bags I had my eye on latley, so I think picking out a bag for Fall would give me something to look forward to.:yes: Do you guys know if you can pre-order the same way through your local NM SA (assuming the store buyer ordered the bag you are looking for, I know the online buyers are different)? I kinda hate dealing with the online store....
  11. oh gorgeous bags!! i love the new collection!!
  12. WOW--lots of new ones up since I first posted! That knot bag is AMAZING! And I do think it looks like there are two separate red colors (both of which I love!)
    bv5.jpg bv7.jpg bv9.jpg bv10.jpg bv11.jpg
  13. NO!! I am not allowed to actually shop, just virtually shop, hehehe. I have a feeling that a red BV will be mine before all is said and done, though!