Fall bag strategies

  1. Do you have one?

    If you had followed my history I made a very bad example of a Kooba buyer this last Spring. I bought and bought (probably like 8 bags). I ended up with just a few. I bought impulsively, didn't think things out, and it was a mess.

    I have to change my plan. I am hoping the Fall bags are out and out ugly. But as we see now we can find the Spring bags on eBay for a pretty good discount...adn heck, if you wait for a season you can find real deals like we see on all the older bags on Revolve & Kooba.

    My plan is to not buy any right away. See what is hot and what is not and see potential problems like we did with some leathers this Spring.

    I have a friend of a friend who had some black and white scetches of the Fall Koobas. There was nothing to jump up and down about. Lots of metallics. I also wonder if the price will rise.

    I am definitely planning on a Botkier. I got my Gryson and I have my eye on one other. I am going to be a bad Kooba Queen and try to lay low until I learn about the Fall bags.

    I said I am going to try. Try being the operative word.
  2. Well shoot! That blows my fall plan! I was going to wait and see what you tried on and decided to part with. :graucho::roflmfao:
  3. I think I am going to wear what I have and go back and forth between my Jessie Python, Cynthia Rowley Lenore, Francesco Biasia satchel in Aubergine, and an Anuschka bag that is absolutely gorgeous and funky. Around Christmas, I will begin stalking the perfect Jillian. That should be my plan, if I can stick to it. Those all seem like Fall-type bags.
  4. It's a bit disappointing that you weren't impressed by the fall sketches Lexie. But, maybe the bags will look better made up. (Though the thought of more metallics depresses me.)

    I'm taking a wait and see attitude at this point. I hope there are a couple bags that I absolutely love as I have some dollars set aside for this! But, if I don't love them, I'll (gulp) look at other lines or start stalking a blonde Elisha and possibly a java Jessie.
  5. Oh Lexie, I too am hoping the Kooba Fall bags are downright ugly. I have gone wild and bought 7 Koobas since April, no, sorry, I can't lie to try and make it sound more acceptable..... 7 Koobas since May! I have to curb my sickness. Those Fall bags have to be ugly, they just have to be, or at least I have to convince myself they are ugly even if they are drop dead gorgeous!
  6. OMG, Minimouse!!!! I don't think I could ever leave my closet......I'd be in there fondling Koobas for hours upon hours!! I think I detect a little bit of jealousy in my post!!
  7. Compass Rose, this is what happens when I'm "Bored in Saudi Arabia". Mind you, I haven't seen all of them yet - they're in the States. But I have got my java Jessie here and a Maria on its way via Global Express. My excitement and delight will be spread between now and December, when we're next home. A friend will bring the two Jillians out in August - I can't wait! Now how do I explain all these bags to my hubby??? I guess I've got time to work that one out.

    No more bags, honestly. Just maybe a Jessie in khaki if I can find a screaming hot deal. I'm totally in love with Jessies.
  8. We are sooooo addicted, aren't we? My plan is NOT to buy any more bags until December, but it is so very hard to do. I most generally tell my husband that I don't get manicures and pedicures more than once or twice a year, and don't spend a ton on clothes, so handbags are my only vice that I can think of. He really doesn't care in a good way...

    Off topic...to Minimouse.....are you in Saudi temporarily? Sounds like you have a very interesting life.
  9. Wow Mini! 7 Koobas! You'll have to take a nice "group" photo once you get them all.

    Another off topic question: what's the time difference between Saudi Arabia and the US?
  10. Interesting life in Saudi Arabia? Hmmmm, let's see..... handbags on tPF and eBay are about as interesting as it gets! The best place in Saudi Arabia is the departures lounge in the airport.

    Seriously, it's just so hot here in summer, it's uncomfortable. Life is generally spent indoors. The winter times aren't so bad, but still, it's nicer being in the freedom of the west where there's so much more to do (and so many more places to buy handbags!).

    Time difference is about 10 hours difference from our home in Seattle. We're kind of back to front - your night is our day and vice versa. That's the bit I really don't like.
  11. The best place in Saudi Arabia is the departures lounge in the airport.

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: