Fall Bag Preview Anyone???

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  1. OMG! I just got my new issue of Bazaar and there are two brand new Coach bags that are amazing! Sorry the pics are terrible, but it will give you a "taste" of coming attractions! I LOVE the first one, but the price??? :wtf: It's almost $1200! Still, they are divine!
    Coach Bazaar Fall 07.jpg Coach Bazaar Fall 07 2.jpg
  2. That first bag looks so classic, but the price?! Wowsers. I like the second one as well. Looks like the Vintage leather is back for fall.
  3. Wow I love that first one. Not so much of a fan of non signature stuff but I love this one.
  4. I love the second one! Do they give a price for it?
  5. $798 for the second. $1,198 for the first. :wtf:
  6. I love the first one especially but not those prices!
  7. Pretty but not for those prices! Still fun to look at!!
  8. I love the first bag, but I don't "shell out $1200 smackeroos love it."

    My Leather Slim Tote is about as high end as I'm willing to go with Coach..

    Of course, I say that without seeing the fall legacy collection; I may be eating my words!:graucho:
  9. It's really cool how they're completely different styles for Coach. I do love the first one, but like many have already said, I do not love the price. Hmmm - what are the chances something like THAT goes to the outlets? LOL!
  10. Oh, oh! I love them!
  11. Is this apart of the new "luxury" line for Coach? I heard they were making bags in this range because people thought Coach was too "accessible" to everyone. Well...here you go! But I, for one, am not spending that kind of money on a bag. I'd much sooner go to another luxury brand.

    But it's pretty though.
  12. Cute but way too expensive for me. I am guessing that those are fall Legacy bags.
  13. Oooh, so tempting! I've never spent that much on Coach but on the other hand I've never invested in any leather Coach (only sig). Can't wait to see IRL!
  14. OMG - those bags are calling my name! Sort of makes me glad I'm not getting anything during this PCE or from the current collection :rolleyes: I think we're in for some great stuff this fall!
  15. Wow, those are gorgeous bags! I agree with whomever said that it's great they're such different styles for Coach. I want both of them! *L*

    I'm glad you posted this now, at least that gives me plenty of time to save up for them. *LOL*

    Look at it this way folks, for that same price you'd get an itty bitty Chanel or some other high end designer bag. This way Coach is still an awesome value because look at how big they are!