Fall Babies...who's due between Sept to Dec.

  1. Hello all, first time in this forum. Today is my 32 weeks, expected due date is oct. 3. I can't wait to see my son.
  2. Yay, another boy!!!!! Congratulations and :welcome2:!
  3. :welcome2:
  4. I'm 35 weeks and baby is def dropping! Even though its only Braxton Hicks I'm getting they must be doing something, since the baby has dropped within the last week I have so much pressure and stabbing pains top of my cervix.
  5. Yay! Just found out DH's best friend's wife who is due 6 weeks after us is also having a boy! Yay!!
  6. I get those stabbing pains down my cervix, too. Mostly at night, though, for some reason. Maybe because baby tends to be more active later at night.

    I am so ready to be done I hope I don't go past my due date. I really don't want to be induced and tied to the hospital bed.
  7. Hi everyone! I hope everyone and there LO(s) are doing well! I'm finally back from our summer trip to the U.S. DH and I had a great time visiting family, touring, and shopping! We bought so much stuff for our little boy...we may have went a little overboard! :lol: Oh well! He's our first!

    My last appointment in California went well. My DH, mother, aunt, and brother were given a chance to see our LO during our gender scan ultrasound. They were all so excited! It was so neat that our doctor spent a lot of time showing and explaining everything to us. Thankfully, DH recorded everything on his camera. It was great to watch the video again to see and hear our reactions, especially when the doctor made the official gender announcement!
  8. I'm with on that, I actuall talked with my dr about this yesterday, I told him that I'm hoping to go in at least by my due date but I don't want to be induce either, so he said as long as there are no problems he will let me go (1) week over. He also gave me the all ok for the Evening Primrose Oil so I started those yesterday...3x a day & one vaginally! Hopes that speeds up the process. I'm even thinking about taking a shot of castor oil on my due date.
  9. :yahoo:Nine months today!
  10. I posted a belly shot in the LV forum under what's on our iPhones... I'm almost 5 months and I feel HUGE! Is it too soon for me to be ready to get this over with? :sad:
  11. Way too soon!!!!!!
  12. I am with you! I am having a really hard time with the weight gain, totally selfish I know. I have never weighed much over 120, and when I got too close to 130 I made sure to drop it fast! Now I'm over 150!! I was getting ready to go to dinner with DH a couple days ago and put on one of my favorite skirts, it's about mid thigh length, I asked DH if it looked appropriate and he looked at me as if I was insane and said "ya I wouldn't wear that." I am totally happy he gave me an honest answer, but I couldn't help but go back to my closet and bawl my eyes out. I keep repeating to myself "it's all worth it in the end!"

    On a side note, I failed my 1 hr glucose test, so now I have the 3 hour in a couple hours and I am already starving!! Can't eat untill 10:45..but I'm going lunch with my sister right after so it will be worth it. :smile:
  13. Thats the last thing I'm worried about, all I care about is the baby being healthy. The weight thing comes with pregnancy. I bf my first so the weight came off with the first month. I feel like this is the only time in my life I don't have to worry about what I eat, so I'm enjoying it, I don't over endulge, or eat just to eat but if there is something I want I eat it and don't feel bad about it.
  14. Im not so much concerned with the weight but I think it's more emotional, I feel overwhelmed and plain tired! I also swell a lot when I'm on my feet, then no wearing heels, I struggle with feeling feminine in flats... I wonder how women who are 9months work all day long...