Fall 2012 Stams

  1. :smile:

    Bordeaux with brass
    Light grey with nickel
    stams fall.jpg
  2. These are beautiful, beautiful, Nas. I also liked the Lindy, too. Buffalo leather, huh? It doesn't seem like it will scratch easily? I've always been leary of the Kate Spade bags made of buff. leather because I've seen them all scratched up in the stores. They weren't quilted though, so I bet it will make a difference. Plus, um, MJ, hello? :p:p:p
  3. It doesn't seem like it will scratch because of the light glaze on it.
    Did you get the message about the Jema?
  4. I did get the Jema message, that the boutiques aren't going to get them. Well, who the heck will then? very frustrating to want to come back to MJ and then not be able to find something that is offered as a product they will sell. grr. argh.
  5. Oh, you missed a message. The boutiques did get them. They got the regular and small Jenna. I posted a pic of the regular one somewhere around here. I will try to find it.
  6. Here is the large one. Very cool.
    There is a red large one and a white small Jema at the LA boutique - ask for Jaclyn. (and a black one)
    (i have a few more pics on my other computer. I will post them when i get to the other room.)
  7. How does it close? Is it a frame or a zipper? Only silver hw? About the same size as a Stam (large one)?
  8. zipper closure.
    the big one is bigger than a stam.
    let me dig for those pics.
    back in a few
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    Red is big one
    White is small one
    j1.JPG j2.JPG j5.jpg j4.jpg
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  11. The large one is $1,795, if I remember correctly.
    The smaller one is a few hundred less, but I can't remember what she told me. The number $1500 is stuck in my head.
    Made of buffalo.
  12. Something is soooo wrong that Iam on tpf @3am looking at stams

    Hi everyone ❤❤❤❤❤
  13. Hi, Ms Annie! It's ok. We all know how it goes.
    How is your visit coming along?
  14. It's great great great to be home and see everyone just wish my mom was better but the weather is ok and rocking the stam and the LV. Well nite again
  15. Ended up with 3 of the fall Stams.
    N.o M.o.r.e.

    light grey/nickel
    fall haul 2012.JPG