Fall 2012 Dior bags, shoes, and accessories!!!

  1. Style.com has released their accessories report for Fall 2012. It's always exciting to see this list since the runway collections don't showcase a lot of accessories.

    The Miss Dior comes in a mini size for fall. Lady Dior bags made of fur look adorable! The Diorissimo comes in a mint-like pastel green which looks divine. And the big clutch from the runway gets an update with the inclusion of the DIOR charms. Not a big fan of it, since it looks a bit too understated for Dior (looks like it belongs to a brand like Jil Sander). Without the charms, the bag absolutely has no Dior codes.

    The shoes that were not shown on the runway are stunning! Dior has incorporated the vintage CD logo with a chain, and the result is classy and feminine.
  2. My original attachments did not show. Here they are again.
    001fullscreen.jpg 002fullscreen.jpg 003fullscreen.jpg 004fullscreen.jpg 010fullscreen.jpg 011fullscreen.jpg 0012fullscreen.jpg 013fullscreen.jpg 019fullscreen.jpg 020fullscreen.jpg
  3. More pictures:
    021fullscreen.jpg 024fullscreen.jpg 025fullscreen.jpg 026fullscreen.jpg 0042fullscreen.jpg
  4. Thanks for sharing, averagejoe! I'm still not a big fan of all the fur on the boots, the Lady Dior or the Miss Dior and I agree the envelope clutch does nothing for me. Apart from the signature Dior charms, it could have been from any brand. The mint green Diorissimo and mini Miss Dior has made me re-think those collections, I'm actually starting to develop interest in them, but only for those 2 bags. I'm still determined to get my blck large Cannage stitching New Lock and if the bois de rose New Lock large promenade pouch is still available after that, those are my next 2 wishlist bags, if not the bois de rose then I nice pink New Lock pouch :biggrin:
  5. Thank you for the pictures! :smile:
  6. With all that fur and exotic materials I think this collection will be a very expensive one...
  7. Thank you for sharing. I love the diorissimo.
  8. The Lady Dior bags are just adorable indeed. I have a feeling that they are going to cost $$$ though!

  9. Haha, good for my wallet! Maybe I'll just focus on the SLG's ;) Tutti Dior, anyone?
  10. Speaking of the Tutti Dior, I saw a picture of the Tangarine version and it looks like a creamsicle! It's so cute! This is one of my favourite wallets from Dior!

    (The Tangarine colour is for Spring 2012, though).
    Tutti Dior.jpg
  11. Oh that really looks delicious! I can even imagine the taste of the tangerine ;) I feel like running out and getting a popsicle now lol.
  12. Thanks for the pics! LOVE the fur!
  13. Thanks for sharing! What's that lil' pink pouch? Is it the same as the New Lock pochette?
  14. It's the mini version of the Miss Dior bag.

    The New Lock pochette is less structured than this. As well, this one does not have a belt running down the center of the flap.
  15. Oh, thank you! I wonder how much this one costs..It looks so cute!