Fall 2012 Colors!

  1. I wish the Cobalt and hot pink are leather not suede !
  2. Me too, I swear I dreamed about a nice true blue PS the other night!!! :biggrin: But I'd have to have leather, not suede.
  3. Agree no more! I have no confidence to keep a suede PS1 in shape!
  4. Mustard is divine!!!
  5. Love the lemon colour
  6. Love the lemon and mustard. Raspberry looks fun as well. I wonder if the PS11 will have some updated colors for fall.
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    I wish cobalt in leather! And i love mustard,is it same color as maize from previous season?
  8. CourtneyMc22, thanks for this! The Orange is really beautiful :love:
  9. ^^ LOVE!! Yummy.
  10. I just noticed the price increase on the new medium PS1 colors. BOOOOO!!!! :tdown:
  11. I agree! :sad:
  12. I just bought the cobalt from proenzaschouler.com!!! Omg so excited:yahoo:
  13. Eeeeee!! It's such a vivid and gorgeous color! Cannot wait to see yours!
  14. Yeah! You will be the first. I'm so excited to see it, you must post immediately upon receipt of your new bag! Congratulations in advance!