~Fall 2010 loot~ Post your September/October purchases HERE!

  1. TXGirlie, love your goodies!
  2. Thanks! The pouch says "A Penny For Your Thoughts".

    It's about the same size as the regular rocker so it doesn't really hold more.

  3. TXGirlie is this from the Saks F&F? Also can we have some rocker mod pix?
  4. great buys everyone!!!
    knas- LOVE your adores!!!
    and GREAT loot TX!!!
    that rocker is cute!
  5. Yes it's a Saks exclusive.

    Thanks! It looks super cute with the new chain too!
  6. Ooooooh, that Saks pouch is orange, eh? I thought it was red. I am far more intrigued by orange though. And I totally love the leopard and the penny pouches. At first I thought the price was a bit steep, even with the F&F discount, but I'm having some second thoughts...
  7. ^^ The price seems to be the same as buying each pouch individually. You can always let one go to make up for it.
  8. Great haul TX!! What do you think of the Covet Rocker, I am very intrigued by that bag??!! Love those pouches too!
  9. Very nice, TXG! Any chance that we can get close up pictures of the items?

    I like the Covet Rocker, but wish it's bigger i.e. MAC size at least.
  10. lovely bags ladies!! :smile:
  11. recently purchased the kiss clutch in wine..
    will be arriving soon!
    SO excited. :nuts:

    anyone own one?
  12. yum yum!!!
  13. Gorgeous purchases ladies!
  14. Just got a little something today. Love the fire engine red.
  15. ^^those are very nice ghall, I love that red too.