Fall 2010: Looking for RECENT info on Bonanzle

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  1. Hi All-

    Looks like most of the Bonanzle info on the threads here is over a year old... and as fast as things change in the internet marketplace world, I'd like to get some FRESH perspective on Bonanzle. I know several others on here who have also been searching for this kind of information and aren't finding it in recent threads... (so please don't shut this thread down!)

    For those of you who have sold there, what are some of your experiences that you'd want to share? What are some tips you would offer to newbie Bonz sellers who are experienced on Fee-bay? Any advice on how to NOT get scammed as a seller?

    Any other would-be sellers have questions you'd like to have answered?

    Thank you!! :biggrin:
  2. I think there are a few recent threads on this topic. Wasn't there one on "How to trade in Bonanzle," among others? People ask those questions frequently around here, and there are answers in a bunch of threads. Some with "Bonanzle" on the title go into this even if the initial topic was a particular transaction, so if you don't get enough info here, you might want to check those out. :smile:

    PS: I love Bonanzle. Nothing but good experiences (buying and selling) so far.
  3. If you'd like to link recent threads, that would be great! I did a search on Bonanzle in this forum and everything I came up with was either about how to deal with a fake that was purchased or was pre-2009... maybe they're in other forums or something though. Thanks!
  4. Hm... that link just said "sorry, no matches."
  5. I looked up the "how to trade" thread. That's not at all what I'm asking about.
  6. That's weird. For me, that link leads to pages of search results. I used "Bonanzle" as the keyword and "Search Titles Only."
  7. Ah, ok. Wonder why it's not linking well?
    Anywho, I have searched for Bonanzle in the titles and descriptions and sorted through paaaaaages of threads, but I've just found scattered tidbits here and there, or lots of unanswered questions, or threads that aren't what I'm asking.

    I was hoping for some condensed, recent user notes on advice for selling, setting up booths, boxes to make sure you check in options, etc.
  8. I like Bonanzle better because...
    • it's way user-friendly than eBay and simpler
    • it costs nothing to list
    • selling fees are lower than eBay
    • no deadline on the listings
    • it's all BIN or Best Offer, no auctions
    • it has a fair feedback system vs eBay sellers not being able to Neg buyers
    • I like how it's run by the owners/managers

    IMO, the one disadvantage is that it has less traffic than eBay, though nowadays it has a lot more than when it started. TPF played a big role in promoting it, and user numbers have skyrocketed.

    If there's high demand for what you're selling, it will sell relatively quickly. If there isn't, it will sit there for a while. But unlike on eBay, where if it doesn't sell you have to pay to relist it over and over, on Bonanzle it just stays in your booth for however long it takes to sell at no additional cost.

    For buyers, the disadvantage is that, unlike eBay, it's not biased in their favor. The PP protection is partial under PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy (for off-eBay transactions) vs. PP Buyer Protection (for eBay transactions only). But I think buyers should know by now that we can't rely PP alone for protection. We have to be smart when choosing sellers and items to buy, do our research, keep our eyes open for red flags.

    I've had zero negative experiences there, but I'm not a high-volume buyer or seller and I'm extremely careful with whom I choose to deal with. There are scammers everywhere, but I think eBay, e-Crater and others are way worse than Bonanzle in this aspect.
  9. Super helpful! Thanks!

    I'm HOPING that by importing my ebay feedback I can start out with a little bit of trust. :-/
  10. Love Bonanzle. Customer service is topnotch too. Have bought and sold with ease and it's cheap!!
  11. It's nice when a new seller has some feedback imported, but in my experience, all you see is a feedback number. I've never gotten mine to link with my actual Ebay feedback, so buyers can't tell if I have that much feedback from selling high end items or selling Tonka trucks! So unless mine is a fluke, you may also want to mention your Ebay ID so the buyers can verify it on their own.

    While I love Bonanzle's fee system, I have found it very hard to sell on there. There is very little traffic and people are extremely cautious...mostly because the policing system on Bonanzle isn't quite as good as the one on Ebay. While fakes get through on both, I have seen a ton of fakes on Bonanzle. Since you have to pay immediately to complete the transaction, scammers have a much better chance of succeeding on Bonanzle. The fact that, unless you are computer savy and upload your photos into your listing, you only get to post four photos is also a bit of a problem. It doesn't allow for proper authenticity and condition documentation, so buyers are less likely to buy on-the-spot. I think Bonanzle is a good back-up to Ebay- keep your item posted there forever while you make attempts on Ebay- at the current point it's at, I wouldn't make it my only place of sale. Since obo listings are so common on Bonanzle, most people on Bonanzle want to haggle even if you say your price is firm. They seem to want things cheaper just because they are using Bonanzle and assume there is little competition out there for the item they want...which is kind of true. While Bonanzle has improved from 2009, I think you will get better prices on Ebay even after the fees are taken out. Just my experience....
  12. I list all my items on both eBay and Bonz. But I always hope they will actually sell on Bonz. The fee is so much lower. i.e, a handbag that I sell for $175.00 on eBay the selling fee is approx. $19.00. The same $175.00 handbag sale on Bonz the fee is only $5.00. Big difference. Overall I sell more items on eBay than Bonz because of better traffic on eBay, but it is worth it to me to list both places. Bonz does not charge anything to list and it is so easy to maintain. I wish my eBay listings were as easy to maintain. I love Bonz. I wish it would get more popular. I have not had any situations with Bonz but I only sell and ship on the up and up, people get exactly what is shown, I only ship in the USA & only sell with BIN's. I sell as a hobby and want it to be as stress free as possible.
  13. Bonanzle is where I go first nowadays when I want to sell something. It's not just that their fees are lower, but it just feels like such a more relaxed environment compared to a certain Bay. You can let listings idle as long as it takes to sell and you have better control over your listing without getting nickel-and-dimed over features. Yes, there is less traffic, but you also have more discriminating buyers who know what they're looking for.

    For the record, you can adjust your settings so that the buyer does NOT pay immediately and you have to accept the sale first. Also, it allows you to upload 4 photos through the Bonanzle uploder, but you can post an unlimited number of photos in the body of the listing itself if you use a hosting service like Photobucket. It even gives you the tools to link the photos in the description section.
  14. I cannot stand Bonanzle... I used to LOVE it, but for selling it stinks because there isn't a lot of traffic on there. Your items sell very slowly for the most part unless you have a really high demand item. The feedback stinks a little bit because I had a problem with a bag I bought and the seller wouldn't resolve it, so I left negative feedback. They left me retaliatory negative feedback which totally sucked and wasn't deserved.

    Also, my old user-ID got banned for no reason? I was told that apparently someone on my wireless network was banned on Bonanzle, so since we had the same IP address, I got banned too. Which is weird because my wireless network at my house is password protected, and it's a 10 digit password with numbers so no one would be able to guess it. Customer service was extremely rude and wouldn't listen to me and was less than helpful, and I had to get my internet service provider to change my IP address which took forever. It was a big pain in the butt.

    So yeah, I use it for buying maybe once every few months, but I'm not impressed with them anymore.