Fall 2008 Crash Leathers ~ where do you stand?

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  1. So, what do we all think about these new crash colors?

    Are they too metallic, too loud, too bold?

    Will they clash with your wardrobe?

    Do they remind you of metallic colors from the past that you wish you never saw, ever?

    What say you?
  2. I love them! They aren't too flashy at all. The metallic doesn't look cheap either which is sometimes hard to accomplish. I especially love that plum. I've never seen a metallic like that. I think it'd fit great for fall with jeans and a black sweater!
  3. The only carsh leather color that interests me is the purple crash. I lov ehow unique and pretty it is. It isn't a color you see everyday, and that makes it all the more special. As for the other crash colors, they are pretty too but I already have those colors in other designers so they don't interest me.

    I think that metallics add a bit of bling to an outfit and I enjoy them for that aspect. I like them and think they work well in my wardrobe. I can't wait for my purple crash WTM midi!!

    ETA: I would be smitten with a pewter LMM if that were at all possible.
  4. I , of course, LOVE the purple. But I am waiting on the modeling pics to get a better feel for them entirely, because its one thing to see it in a photo, then entirely another to see it on a model. I honestly think I will like them even more on an actual person, the metallics won't be as in your face, I guess I could say.

    That said tho, if I bought one, it would be in a style that was more dressy, so that it wouldn't go out of style for winter, because really, metallics are always in when it comes to dressing up for parties etc. Not so much for me in the casual styles, does that make sense? I can see the Hug Me as a staple EVERY year, because its sooo classy. Pair that with my little black Christmas dress, ( I don't do clutches LOL) and voila, amazing!
  5. Waiting for the Purple Swatch on the Purple Crash to make my decision. I would have love the Chocolate swatch too. I am on the fence!
  6. kings_20 ~ it IS possible...I canceled my order for one as soon as I saw the Fall Collection. I really struggled as to whether or not I should get it, but it's just not financially possible for me right now...so, I ordered my fall bags and this is it for a while.

    If you're really interested, email Jackie right away before it's gone!
  7. Did you see the Chocolate Crash swatch in person? I ask because I believe Ashley is sending me one with my order, which I can circulate once it arrives.
  8. OMG, you mean it does exist!! I would love the pewter LMM as a dressy going out bag. I wish i were rich LOL
  9. Yes kings_20, it does...I so want it, but it's not in my budget...not after the seven bags I pre-ordered.

    Plus, I'm getting the LMM Apple Green Glossy and the LM Midi Dark Grey, so I think I'm all set with the LM series -- unless, of course, I can get it in FUCHSIA with SILVER h/w!!!
  10. Can I be the first on on your list to see the swatch? I am funny that way because I want to see it in person before I buy!
  11. When we first saw the color, Jackie asked me if the purple crash was outrageous enough for me and I laughed and said yes, but the photo of it made into a bag on the fall line pages didn't click with me. Hmmm.

    However, I am now trying to make a final decision on which bag to order in chocolate crash because I am so loving it from the photos.
  12. Absolutely, and once the swatches arrive, I will post a thread about the sample swatches I have so we may circulate them amongst us BE ladies! After everyone views them, they need to be returned to Ashley as they have very limited swatches available. I know Sara wants to see something but I can't recall what.

    This is what I asked Ashley to send:
    - Black Glossy
    - Chocolate Crash
    - Matte Chocolate
    - Pewter Crash
    - Purple Crash

    Please PM me your details ~ no rush, although I will need it once the swatches arrive.
  13. I stand on the side of "yay" since I just ordered a Hug Me in purple crash!
  14. I should be receiving color swatches from Ashley when my new bags arrive.

    I requested both Purple Crash and Chocolate Crash, amongst other colors. Once they arrive, I will definitely post it on a thread so us BE ladies may circulate them to touch, feel, see, and smell them IRL.

    This may help you finalize your order. Let me know, OK?
  15. Hehe. I'm obviously in the minority here, but I am not a fan of all these crash colors. Its just too many all at once, I guess, and normally I wouldn't say a thing, but since its limiting my choices in other, more wearable colors I'm feeling a little left out this fall.

    I feel like the color choices are out of balance - If I don't want metallic or black, then I either don't have a color choice or I have only one color option available to me.