Fall 2007 top picks

  1. Hi I have looked at everything and decided on my top picks ..What is everyone else loving???:heart::heart::heart:
    Sharpey Bag Large/dark brown
    Modern Chain in glazed leather
    Expendable there are 2 styles I like so I have to see...
  2. I just looked on the website, and there wasn't anything on there that caught my eye :nogood:
  3. I'd like to check out the leather on the Modern chain
  4. I have the bag in the third pic (beautiful in person). Lambskin patent flap.
  5. Oh no you have to looks at the pic's with you SA they will show you everything that is coming in end of this month for Fall xxS
  6. Something from the Brooklyn (patchwork) line.
  7. I liked the metallic wallet-on-chain alot but everything else was just ok to me.
  8. Give me a sec I will show you
  9. Ok...sorry about size.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  10. ^^ Absolutely gorgeous bags, flare4fashion! :heart:
  11. I love the small patent bag/ wallet? and the reissue with the new chain! (correct me if I'm wrong though) :smile:

    Thanks for posting pics!
  12. Its actually a purse and can hold all a girls needs.;)
  13. Thanks for posting the pictures...very pretty.

    Is that a black patent bag? Is it a bag ? or a wallet - can't tell? Name ? Price?:confused1::smile: Very beautiful whatever it is.
  14. What does the wallet look like ???
  15. Nothing! (I can't believe I said that...)