Fall 2007 Scarf Wishlist

  1. after going thru the amazing pictures again of the fall 2007 scarves...I thought I would start a thread so everyone can post their wish list of Fall 2007 Scarves.

    So what is on your wishlist??

    Here is mine:

    -Jardin d'Hiver in blackgold or orange or pink (help!)

    -Guepards (leopard scarf) in chocolate.....I saw it in person but the one the store got sold

    -The Scarf with the Dancers and a H in the middle the vintage scarf....in black and gold

    -the new Pawnee vintage scarf in 70cm

    -Passementerle (tassle scarf) in purple or black

    -De Tout Coeur (heart scarf) in black or in purple

    -Chaval de Caractore (Horse scarf with Hermes written on it all over) in fuschia or purple!!

    oh no!!! so many of them!!
  2. mine has to stay a bit short....so i'm going to give my practical wishlist, not my true wishlist :smile:

    jardin d'hiver in pink (this one is a must)
    cheval de caractore in plum
    carnets de bal in that gorgeous grey/taupe colorway...or maybe in white
  3. I saw the Jardin d'hiver in pink. Its beautiful. I can't decide if I want that one....or get the seafoam color....
  4. my wishlist (has to be edited, tought :sad:)

    - projets carre in black/orange
    - carnets de bal in pink
    - passementerie in brown or/and orange (not sure yet)
    - belles du mexique (no. 14)
    - vif argent pochette in brown and/or pink

    plus, i'm on the waitlist of my H-store for the new kelly double tour bracelets in black and ebene w/ silver hardware

    it's gonna be sooo expensive :graucho:
  5. i'm sadly not a scarf person but i do like the omnibus!

    this is a good thread! cos when ya'll get your scarves, we can check them off one by one!

    (just cos i'm not getting the scarves doesn't mean i can't live vicariously through you guys! ;) )
  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. ^ :roflmfao:

    Rose, you are not making a list, you are NOT making a list...
  8. i just know someone's going to make a list of A/W scarves they WOULDN'T want instead! ;)
  9. Tods, nope...no list for me!
  10. A lot more than I can afford......:crybaby:

    Guepards in black or taupe/fuschia
    De Tout Coeur in navy blue
    Jadin D'Hiver in pink
    Horse scarf with the letters ( forgotten the name) in fushcia/pink.

    I have no idea when any of these will arrive here, does anyone know how far we are behind with scarves?:confused1:
  11. Just one - Jadin D'Hiver in pink!
  12. This thread is dangerous.. :sweatdrop: I have a list but I am so not going to write it down *now* :sweatdrop: I am so in trouble! :push:
  13. I definately want "Jardins d'Hiver", but I'm not sure which colorway; either black or brown, I think...Then I want another "Belles du Mexique", I'm tempted by the cashmere shawl, otherwise the scarf in the red colorway. I'm not mad about the other designs, thank God!!!!!!LOL
  14. Only two for me: Swinging St. Germain (black/gold) and De Tout Coeur (pink). Everything else has me haunting eBay and luxury-scarves... :p
  15. Its a hard choice!

    I am going to pick up the Jardin d'Hiver in pink this weekend and the De Tout Coeur in purple...

    so at least I have those 2 decided.

    I can't wait for the chocolate Guepards and the Swinging St Germain in black gold!

    so many good ones! I have to control myself!