fall 2007 prada tote

  1. Need opinion on fall 2007 prada black shiny tote (almost metallic) with chain handle - torn between great and same old/same old.
  2. Leather is a cool shiney color. I loved the bag but once I put my stuff in it, the weight of the bag caused the chain strap to dig into my shoulder. It might be ok if you don't carry too much stuff. I returned it.
  3. i really like this tote, love the finish on it! Sucks that it hurt your shoulder Cougess. I really like it though. Love these chains Prada is doing!!
  4. I really liked it also - which is why I was bummed about the chain!
  5. I saw this bag at Saks today in 2 SIZES.the biggest was GINORMOUS!
    I like the leather on it alot!
  6. Jill how small is the smaller size of this bag?
  7. honestly.the smaller one is like a normal size hobo
  8. any pics? it has not hit the stores here yet
  9. I just checked in on vacation REALLY QUICK and saw this post. I have this bag and :heart: it. Check my previous thread about buying my first prada. It might be on the second page...forgot my thread title.

    IME, it wasn't heavy on me but then again, I don't carry the kitchen sink. HTH! I posted modeling pics in my original thread.
  10. I love this bag. Saw the bigger size only at my Neimans. I'm planning on buying the smaller size. In my opinion the chain is heavy, but not as heavy as Marc Jacobs chains - ouch!!!
  11. Thanks for all the great feedback! I too carry the kitchen sink and the chain straps will probably dig into my shoulder. You can see the dimensions of both sizes on this site:www.styledrops.com/prada-handbags.html.:yahoo: