Fall 2007 Marc by Marc Jacobs!

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  1. The new Fall bags can be seen at MJ.com!!!

    Now at NM:

    Two Tone Tote $398

    Pleated Tote $698

    Turnlock Satchel $388 (also in stone and cordovan)

    Turnlock Hobo $438 (also in black)

    Turnlock Teri in Cordovan (also in black) $428

    I love them all!
    I'm so surprised the pleated tote is $698! Too pricey IMO for MbMJ!
    There are SOOOO many Fall bags for MbMJ! The Miss Marc tote is so cute!! But most of his new bags look so different... so "grown up"!

    Which of these new fall bags do you like?
  2. wow!! the first couple doesnt look like mbymj AT ALL! i loveeeee them!!

    but youre so right, the pricepoint is way too high for mbymj
  3. thanks for posting! i agree that the pleated tote is a little pricey for mbmj...but seeing the new bags makes me want one!
  4. Ooh, I really like the pleated tote! But why is it so expensive? I really like the turnlock tote as well...I had originally wanted the turnlock faridah that looks like this but this has the extra zippered pocket on the outside and the flaps covering the pockets so it's a little more functional.

    They'll come out in more colors, right? Although that stone color looks nice. I'd be scared of getting it dirty though.
  5. Oh! The pleated tote is nice! I like it but the price is definitely a bit shocking. Almost up there with the Marc Jacobs collection. Jeesh! Though the leather looks really smooth.
  6. sadly, i'm not impressed :sad:. i usually love by m by mj but i'm not really liking any of these. kinda plain.
  7. I really like the teri in cordovan BUT I already have it in black. I hope they put out some clutches in that color. I don't like the satchel and I LOVE the turnlock hobo
  8. The hobo is cute, but nothing really stands out for me.
  9. I like the turnlock hobo too, and the tote as well, but I agree that it's too much too pricy :sad:
  10. The Jazz bags in navy and bordeaux at marcjacobs.com look delicious
  11. I actually like how the pleated tote looks.. I even posted a thread a day ago.. pleated tote - yay or nay? but I agree with you ladies, it's a bit too much for an MBMJ..
  12. Love the "tate"! Miss Marc in the snow, so cute!!
  13. i dont like em.. too plain.. i love the teri of course and in RED!!! so cute
  14. Loving the colors for fall! I think my wallet will be in trouble...
  15. i like the turnlock hobo!! the faridah is a lil to 'busy' for me, but i love this one!! the pleated tote looks nice, nothing like what i would expect mbymj to make. this line is usually 'fun' bags, ya know? and i agree w/ everyone about the price!