Fall 2007 Ergo (picture)

  1. [​IMG]

    A NUMBER of Indonesian celebrities and Jakarta’s top socialites were spotted at Coach’s grand launch party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta on June 15.

    I think this is a picture of the "new" Fall Ergo.
  2. loveeeeeee it!!

    especially that colour. to die for!
  3. that's pretty nice. looks like a plum/raisinish color.
  4. ooooh, i love it!
  5. love the buckle on the front, that's stunning.
  6. Wow! Very pretty!
  7. Very pretty! Is that NICKEL Hardware I spy???...instead of BRASS? If so...I'll be ALL OVER that bag!!!! I LOVE SILVER!:yahoo:
  8. Thanks for finding and posting the picture for us. :smile:

    For some reason I don't like it. It's like all that hardware takes away from the relaxed nature of the bag. I prefer the current versions with just the turnlock.
  9. Nice. I like the color. :tup:
  10. Me too. I love the turnlock.
  11. unless they've changed it since it was posted in the book, it's still brass.
  12. I really love the new Ergo Hobo in the plum color. I am buying this bag in August. It is really hot and I love the buckle detail on the front.
  13. I love the color! I would have to see it in person for the hardware though.
  14. That is soooo hottt!!!
  15. OOOOH that is pretty!!!!!