Fall 2007 Collection- On ebay?!?!?!

  1. It was the vip top journalist gift before the show
  2. I believe it's the real deal being auctioned off for charity.
  3. yes it is, the PR vuitton sent it to the top journalist before the runway in march.
  4. I Love That Bag!!!
  5. me too :P
  6. It's going to be part of the FALL 2006 collection. It's kinda cute.
  7. Hmmm, looks like it has been left in the sun to long. I'm going to have to reserve judgment till I see it IRL.
  8. I love it
  9. Interesting.. I don't know if I'm really a fan though.
  10. maybe too small
  11. It looks like it's made of the same material that the Miroir bags will be made of.
  12. Looks a little like baked-terracotta.
  13. yeah you are right , there is the same "louis vuitton inventeur" gold thing on it. There is one on eBay , I don't remember who is selling it but it was the invitation to the show if I good remember:P
  14. It is a Fabulase bag.
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