Fall 2007 Catalogue (in PDF)?

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  1. Ladies...I remember last fall someone posted a whole slew of catalogue pages from Chanel and I'm wondering if anyone has done that already? I haven't seen a thread on it but I'm hoping whoever did it last year (she had a good relationship with an SA) would do it again.

    I really like the ruched handbags this season (I'm new to Chanel so forgive me if I have my seasons mixed up :smile:
  2. It's against Chanel policy to post lookbooks online.
  3. I know it's against Chanel policy, but a member of this blog, posted it last year...I was just inquiring...
  4. Someone ( I think a SA) actually posted some of the pages recently and the pages were removed from the site to protect the SA from his / her own actions. SO I don't think that will happen again..:sad:
  5. We can't post the actual lookbooks bearing the Chanel name, but if a s/a sends pics via email they will allow us to post them with credit to their store. I posted a thread for the Fall 2007 season of pics my s/a at Nordstrom took from her trunk show. A search should turn it up. I can't remember what I called it, and I'm too tired to search right now! Something like "Trunk show pics from my Nordstrom s/a!"
  6. Were they actual Chanel lookbook pictures, or the ones from the brand minimall catalogues and things like that?
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