Fall 2007, Botkier

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  1. I stopped using my Spring 2007 Botkier bag for a bit and I'm using another namebrand.

    I took a peak at Botkier web-site and the colours are much deeper. Does this mean that my nude colour Botkier cannot be used in the fall?
  2. o man that cherry bianca looks AMAZING!
  3. bessie, i had a bazillion questions for you and haven't seen you in ages!!! how are you, girl?!
  4. hehe HEY GIRL! :smile: whats going on!?!!? ive been around, kooba, coach , where you been! :smile: hehe

    whats up! how are you!!!!
  5. Is there any way to see the Fall bags stats? All I get is the scrolling bag pictures but can't get them to stay still or get any info on them. It says click here for Fall preview but that only gets me the bella and Biancas. Or are they just putting out new colors (like the cherry) for those bags?
  6. mmmm! I love the Black Rose and the Nomad. Wish I could figure out how to see prices.
  7. I'm thinking we aren't going to see it until July 15th when all the bags come out. I also am going for the Rose satchel but it's surely going to come in more colors than Black so I am looking to add some color with this bag. I read something about this bag and it said the Rose accent was more than just an accent but a small coin purse. Now that would be cool.