Fall 2007 Bag Dilema Please Help!!!


Fall 2007 Bag Dilema Please Help me Choose!!!

  1. Bordeoux Porte Document.

  2. Anthracite Porte Document.

  3. Save more and get Bordeoux Fourre Tuot.

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  1. Okay so it's been about month since my last LV purchase so it's time for another LV:nuts: but you guys know how I suck at making decitions myself so I want you guys to help me make the right one:yes: so tell me which one should I get, Bordeoux Porte Document, Anthracite Porte Document or Bordeoux Fourre Tout?:confused1:


    Here are reference pics...Thanx...
  2. i prefer the Bordeaux Forre tout............
  3. I love the Bordeaux Porte-Documents :smile:
  4. ^^^but which color?
  5. LMM, i love the Bordeoux Porte Document! i do like the Bordeoux Fourre Tout as well but i think the Mirage will stand out more! turn some heads!! :graucho:
  6. Without a doubt the Bordeaux Porte-Document, the color combo is fab!
  7. The Bordeoux Porte Document just screams "Class" to me!

    Its amazing!
  8. Ahhh, its a hard choice between the Bordeoux Porte Document and the Bordeoux Fourre Tout as they are both so stunning.

    I'm gonna go with ..... the BORDEOUX FOURRE TOUT! :tup:
  9. Get the Porte Document in charcoal grey!!!!
  10. anthracite, gorgeous!
  11. Bordeaux Porte Document, the contrast is what makes the difference in looks, IMO
  12. Anthracite Porte-Document!!
  13. I totally agree!
  14. Anthracite Porte Document ... my favourite of all three!
  15. Anthracite Porte Document...so fricken' nice!