Fall 2006 MJ Stams

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  1. Has anyone heard any info on the Fall Stams (what colors will they be, when available etc.)??? I have been checking the MJ website, but see nothing up yet.
  2. Over at TFS they had some info. Darker colors like bronze and dark brown. Very interesting...maybe a suede; wouldn't that be nice!
  3. Oh no~~! I don't need another temptation. I have two already and if they come out w/new colors, I'm in danger. :Push:
  4. I've seen taupe, darker brown, metalic, etc. at the Mercer boutique in NYC. They had another size for a stam. new size .. width was the same as the regular stam but it was shorter.. and it has two pockets instead of one. with the handles and the chain strap. it was cute.. :smile:
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum. Just interested to know what you guys think of your Stams. I've got two, black and putty, and sometimes have mixed feelings. One minute I absolutely love them and the next feel they are not quite as practical as I would like (albeit gorgeous!).
  6. I LOVE mine. I have the exact same, black and putty. That pretty much covers to match all my wardrobe. It's my favorite bag from my entire bag collection and a style that's not too trendy (if I get sick of the chains, I'll just take it out).
  7. Thanks for the info Ladies!

    yjs82-when were you last at the Mercer boutique? I'd love to get my hands on a taupe. Was the dark brown pretty?
  8. Hi and welcome. I adored the Stam passionately from the moment it first came out. I got on the NAP wait list for the spring bag in December.

    It arrived,and it was much bigger and way more tsructured than I thought it'd be. I couldn't let go of my love for the bag though. I cut off the tags in order to use it (did once) and then realised that this bag and I will just never become one.

    I found it stiff,unwieldy and frankly,noisy. I couldn't relax and be myself around my Stam.
    We broke up,(loads of stress because I couldn't return to NAP and I have never used Ebay before...but I managed to sell to a friend) and I've never been happier.

    Of course,like all exes,I can't help a twinge of jealousy when I see him with another girl. But all in all I know I've made the right decision for me.

    I hope that you grow to love yours more and more.
  9. I can relate to what you are saying. I am now thinking I would much prefer a quilted black Blake - it just seems so much more practical as I do like to place my bag over my shoulder. I live in Australia and it is difficult to source these bags. I bought my Stams from net-a-porter.com but am having problems firstly finding a black Blake and secondly finding an online seller that ships internationally. Any suggestions?
  10. First of all, welcome:biggrin: ! Secondly, NO WAY!!! I'm from Oz (VIC) which part are u from? AND AND I'm currently looking into getting a quilted Blake in black! Tell me about difficulty in sourcing bags! UGH, yeah! Called Belinda Melb - nope didn't have any MJ bags. They called Syd for me - no luck there. What's a girl gotta do to find MJ bags round here??? LOL!
  11. Welcome, Mink Pink! I have three stams: nappa black, icy taupe, and patent chalk, and love them all.

    Thanks yjs82 for the update! The different shape sounds very interesting!
  12. That is so coincidental. It is so frustrating buying bags in Australia. Firstly we don't have access to all the fantastic labels and styles. Secondly, when we do it is extremely expensive. In any case, I want that black Blake. I've been checking on the Neiman Marcus site and have even thought about emailing the people at Marc Jacobs to see if they have a solution. I also emailed NAP to see if they had more on order but no luck there either. Good luck with your searching!!
  13. Greenie, you must really love your Stams. As I said earlier I sway from loving them to being a little unsure - just a little uncomfortable or "not myself" as said earlier in the thread. I'm interested to know what it is you love so much about yours....
  14. PS...Serenity Sue, I'm from Queensland.
  15. Sunny Queensland, huh? Nice to meet ya! I'll let you know if I see that elusive black quilted Blake. Yeah I agree it seems like a nice practical bag. U not completely loving your stams? If you are ever feeling the need to unload one, especially the black one, my dear friend in Melb might be interested.. No pressure or what, just thought I'd throw it out there:smile: