Fall 2006 Dior Gaucho Bag

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  1. Some Fall 2006 Dior bags

    [​IMG] Python and crocodile gaucho bag
  2. oooohhh!! I saw some pics in a mag of the Gaucho with silver charms on it too..yum!!!!
  3. I'm not sure if I like that one. It may grow on me though...........:P
  4. Love that bag......
    There is a gaucho frame bag on ebay that is to die for :biggrin: I would post the picture but I don't know if its allowed or how to do it. The SA at Dior here showed me pictures of what she called the Gaucho II, which is a one colour gaucho with the coins and buckle and a tote handle. It is whipstiched all around the flap. I can't find a picture of that either. Grr....
  5. I am :sick: and :love: at the same time!
  6. hahaha i knowww!
  7. I LOVE the Gaucho. . . but not this one!
  8. I don't think I like it...
  9. not really loving it..
  10. I am not sure about this one either.
  11. It kinda scares me. Too much python going on. I'm terrified of snakes and I would be afraid this bag would bite me or squeeze the life outa me!!:shocked:
  12. ^^I totally agree--too much going on too!
  13. Gross.
  14. I like it.

    I like it ALOT.:yes:
  15. Wow, there's a lot going on on this bag! But, I could see how it would work really well on some women . . .