Fall 2006 Chloe Bags

  1. [​IMG] Milk chocolate alligator, classic front-pocket Edith satchel.

    [​IMG] Two-tone Tracy tote in black and gray.

    [​IMG] Milk chocolate alligator Edith professor satchel.

    [​IMG] Crème patent leather Betty shopper.

    Gold leather Oprah beaded clutch.
  2. You are my hero! Where did you find these? The Tracy tote is cute! I think I am going to give the alligator Ediths a miss...Edith needs to be slouchy!
  3. I like the Tracy - haven't seen that one before. I wonder if it comes in other colours?
  4. Edith Professor Satchel?!?!? I love it.
  5. Does anyone else think the alligator Edith professor satchel looks like an armadillo? Sorry.:amuse:
  6. OMG - you're on to something there - it does resemble an armidillo.

    (oh, and I did think it was a cute shape) :shame:
  7. Style! You are hysterical, and soooo right! Now when I see that bag, that is all I can think of! That Betty Shopper is awfully cute too! Could be a dangerous season!
  8. So sorry! I couldn't help it - it just seemed to look like one and now that's all I see when I look at it too.:blink:

    And I agree that the Edith really looks its best slouchy, so not lovin the gator.
  9. Surprise, surprise - I love that clutch!!! :love:
  10. I really like the Tracey!
  11. Saw a black tracey bag today at NM - cute but definately hand held only. Also saw the new edith with the shoulderstrap in "gris vert" which is a greyish green - very pretty. I preordered it in brown. Also saw an edith in an off-white pearlized color, hard to explain - great summer color. BTW - these bags are at the NM in tysons corner, VA. :cool: Ask for Angela.
  12. Here is the BG photo of the Tracy...
  13. Love the satchel!!!!
  14. Yes, it does!