Fall 2006 Black And White Lv

  1. Just a few days ago someone posted a beautiful picture of a B & W LV bag in the Vogue. I couldn't find the Vogue issue with it in there and can't find the link to it.

    Can anyone re-post this? Please, I love this bag.

  2. I have better :yahoo:

  3. wow!!! i love the alizee
  4. Thanks for those lovely pictures!
  5. I love the cathy bag!
  6. The New Alizee is in this months edition of Glamour
  7. The boston bag is gorgeous, isn't it the same as the "Steven"? I hope so, I am on the list for the Steven & have my fingers crossed that I'll get one. Such a pretty shape & the details are gorgeous.
  8. The Kathy bag is TDF. I wish i can buy it. :P
  9. I wish i could get the alizee!

    (and cathy too...:angel:)
  10. Oooh, that Boston bag is pretty. I wish I could get it!
  11. I love that Boston Bag, thanks for the posts.
  12. Oooh the Cathy is adorable!!!
  13. The Cathy is beautiful.
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