Fall 09 vitello shine plus sale bag

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  1. Recently received from Prada Madison - vitello shine E/W bag in etrusco. Price is actually very "reasonable" at $1295. Lined with pink leather. Great bag, also came is a ruby red color, but I think this color (pinky brown) is a great neutral. Of course, I also could not pass up the sale at Neimans. Got the Green snake prada cervo lux. Great bag, very comfortable. Glad I got it on sale.

    Here is the other side, has a zip pocket and small patch pocket.
    view from the top
    my green snake!
  2. omg cougess!!! Both bags are KILLER!!! I so want one of those snake embossed bags but a woman snagged the last two the other week. They're gorgy!

    I've never seen that type of vitello shine bag before. Can it be worn messenger style as well? Love the color as well! Estrusco is a great red.
  3. Not sure if it can be worn messenger style although the strap is pretty long so it probably can. May be a bit awkward with the handles on top though. Here is a pic of the red version of this bag.

  4. OH I am loving all this red for fall! YSL also came out with a great cognac Muse...sorry I know that's not "Prada related" but it's great to see so many hot red bags!
  5. Great bags! I got one of the green snake bowlers, but love the style you got! Lucky you!

  6. Cougess, love both your bags and thanks for posting. I haven't seen that style of vitello shine yet, so was great to see the pix.

    Congrats and enjoy!!!
  7. E!
    I love the pinky brown bag u got!!!WOW,great price point too!!!!LOVES..we need to see modeling pics!
  8. Awesome new bags!!!! I especially love the vitello shine in the new etrusco color - it is gorgeous. I also love the leather lining - it is so soft! I would love to see some modeling pics.:biggrin:
  9. Love that Vitello Shine...modeling pics?? Great color!
  10. very nice... congarts
  11. LOVE IT!!!!! You know how I'm a sucker for double strapped bags....Yes--please post modeling pics!!! What other colors does this come in?! Oh geez I'm really loving this!!
  12. So how much was your pitone if you don't mind me asking? Those are awesome bags! Very different and I can't stop thinking about them>
  13. ^^ You are soo going to get that bag...head up to NM tomorrow and get it on pre-sale for last call...
  14. The green snake bag was $1540 (I got it at the first markdown). Blue fly has it for $1800 (or did a few days ago).

  15. hahahha! Check your email.....