Fall 08 Trunk Show

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  1. Anyone else going to the trunk show this weekend?? I made my appointment at the Beverly Hills location for Saturday :smile:
  2. Oh, I'm soooooooo jealous! I wish I was close and could go too. Please report back - especially about the animal print Montaigne!!! Thanks!
  3. Will do :smile:
  4. Yes, please give us the scoop. None of them are being held in a location I can get to. Several in Cali, it seemed.
  5. I saw it today at Barney New York. They had only 3 bags in display. One was black padded nappa weave frame bag, quite big and a bit on the heavy side, with ebano croco handles and trimming, about $6000+. One was ash color soft croco frame bag and the other was a nero Marco Polo (that's the name of the leather, special treated, looks shiny, feels soft like nappa) leather bag with weaving handles. Can't remember the price for those two bags. There were also some RTW. You can pre-order any bag that's on the look book. Did not stay long as I am only interested in handbags and accessories. The trunk show in BV boutique SCP will be in May, but I can't remember the exact date. I hope they will bring more bags on Saturday. Enjoy your trunk show.
  6. Jenny? Jenny, are you out there? How was the trunk show....?
  7. I went to the trunk show in Beverly Hills yesterday. The Montaigne in leopard print was beautiful, but I am a cabat person, so it's not for me. There was lots of dark and light purple, including a light purple ostrich which I may SO in a cabat. It's a very soft color.
    The old Petra shade, or something a lot like it, seems to be very big.
  8. Seems like I missed it and went to the wrong trunk show. It was the BV trunk show in Barneys NY that I went. I only got to see the color swatch and the look book but no real purses. I saw the purple ostrich. It's stunning. Hope you will get it in Cabat, or just anything in that color will be gorgeous. Thanks for the information.
  9. Thanks for the info! The purples (light and dark) sound really intriguing - especially as I'm loving my old petra so much. I just might end up being up to the minute in style with it, not a year or so behind! Can't wait to see and hear more about them all!
  10. BookerMoose,

    With that bag you can NEVER NOT be up to the minute is style!
  11. Bookermoose--doesn't it make you wonder why BV would come out with new purple colors, when OP was such a winner--I'd think they would make it a classic, versus adding new colors. Purple can be a tricky color, sort of in your face, but not with OP...its muted and neutral.
  12. I went to Trunk show at Beverly Hills. Mr. Maier visited the store on Friday. SA said that he was very detailed in everything, including the merchandise displays. Everything had to be in the perfect position. It'd awesome to meet him IRL.

    I wasn't thrilled with the men's collection at all. I only liked one of the black winter coats. Most of the RTW, shoes, and bag were just OK. Most bags were travel-sized/doctor bags.

    On the other hand, the women's collection was beautiful. Loved the fall/winter hues. Turbulance, Tornado, Ash, etc. to name a few.

    I ended up ordering a continental zip wallet (long wallet) in the new light purple ostrich/grey croc trim. There was also a larger women's clutch version in the same color/material combo that was TDF (in one of the runway pics). Price: $4600. I think that was one of my favorite pieces from this collection. I also saw the animal print Montaigne w/ croc trim from far away. Gorgeous.
  13. OOh I was hoping that some purple would show up in the BV fall collection! I would love a dark purple veneta....:heart::heart:
  14. There was also one clutch that caught my eye but I didn't get a chance to take a picture...its almost like a blown-up coin purse made from brown goat leather (might've been lamb...) but they lasered off parts of the leather to give it a more aged look.