Fall '08 REVEAL......PICS!!!

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  1. I just wanted to share a couple of new items I received. Fall 08 GST in Black Patent and the Dark Silver Clutch. I have to give credit to Larkie for one of them, I saw hers and hadn't thought about a clutch. LOL!! I am so glad I got this one.:yahoo:

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  2. WOW! Great buys!!
  3. It is hard to get good pics, so I have included a few more. (Maybe I should spend more time learning how to use my camera and less time shopping.....!!!)

    Black Patent GST 08A 20995Y01799
    SKU 3 572622 274024
    Color Code: 94305

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  4. Love these! congrats! how much is the GST going for?
  5. Love the gst. I belive it is 2450. Im getting a burgundy one.
  6. Congrats!!
    The Patent GST grows with the shiny HW, yummy!! and the DS clutch is just so gorgeous, so tempting, but I just can't buy another clutch as I haven't even used my Caviar clutch yet... lol.
  7. congrats! Lovely purchases! I'm normally not a clutch person, but the DS clutch is really growing on me :yes:
  8. Both are gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  9. Yes, hard to believe but the GST is now $2450, my last one was about $1750. Thanks so much for well wishes! I am really excited to use the clutch. This is my first Chanel one as I am not normally much into them. I guess I carry too much for one, even when it is a night out.
  10. very cool, congrats!
  11. Congrats!! Very nice purchase. Is the patent GST more expensive than the caviar?
  12. Great purchases!! LOVE the patent GST. The more I see the patent ones the more I like them!!!! I wish I could get it... I really wish!!!!!!!
  13. beautiful buys!!! love the clutch!
  14. The GST went up in price already, but it is beautiful.
  15. wow, i didnt know the GST has increased in price again... has the rest of the classics gone up as well?

    that patent GST is soo pretty and reminds me so much of the vintage timeless tote nicole richie wore. may i trouble you for some modeling pics??