FALL 08 Navy Lambskin Jumbo

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  1. My SA just sent me a picture of this. It is a beautiful NAVY!! I am already getting a black and a gray lambskin jumbo, so I have to pass on this one. If anyone is interested, my SA is Peggy Urban at Nordstrom Seattle. Her number is 206-628-1253, just tell her Heather referred you, I have it held under my name.

  2. wow...it's VERY dark!! it looks almost black on my screen....
  3. Mine too -

    There will be an '09 cruise caviar navy.
    Wonder how it will compare to the lambskin?
  4. ^ does look dark, but still gorgeous. I thought the navy caviar is coming out this fall? or will there be one in 09 as well??
  5. Beautiful! I love lambskin.
  6. GORGEOUS! I love the shiny hardware with the navy lambskin!
  7. is it just only me..but it looks grey??..lolz
  8. ^^ i was thinking the same thing! are these the new cc turnlocks?
  9. it does look dark grey to me! beautiful nonetheless
  10. It does look super dark in this photo. I saw the Jumbo in real life and it is a beautiful rich deep dark navy. To me not black navy, just a deep dark navy. I could tell right away it was navy, not as dark as the photo above.

    And the shiny silver hardware really pops against the navy backdrop. I love the richness and saturation of the colors on lambskin:tup:
  11. Yeah, it looks grey to me too.
  12. She's a beauty! Looks too dark in the pics though. :shrugs:
  13. Wonder how it will look under natural lighting, its looks dark grey to me.
  14. It does look like a soft black or grey in the pics. I hope to be able to see one irl. I am still pining after the grey lamb jumbo I saw at NM this past weekend.
  15. SWEET! I'm glad it's dark, because I would prefer a navy with more blue in it (not so dark). That's a big relief for my wallet.