Fall 07~ Navy Blue Nail Polish

  1. After reading my InStyle last month & a couple of other fashion blogs, seems dark blue nail polish is going to be hot this fall. I have never worn any shade of blue nail polish & never thought I would but quite frankly, I felt the same way about black polish pre-Black Satin. I'm addicted to that stuff! (yes, still:p) but anyway, I was at my local CVS the other day & came across Sally Hanson's Navy Venom polish. This was the polish featured in InStyle so I had to give it a whirl! I just finished painting my toes to try it out & I must say, it's gorgeous! VERY dark blue (so it doesn't scream BLUE) but it seems to change from navy to purplish to black depending on the light. Anyway, that's just my rave;) Hope someone else will give it try!

    [​IMG] (it's actually a tad darker than this pic shows..)

    "Navy blue nails are the must-have shade for fall. For deep, dark navy, Sally Hansen Nail Lacquer in Navy Venom, a blue black that is going to be very hot this season. The nail color line was designed by Tracey Reese for her new fall fashion collection. Reverse french manicures using Alabaster on the half moon and Black Patent on the bottom nail look perfect with black platforms that are so in for fall. $3.99 at Walgreens.com. "

    Here is also a pic I tried to take in the sunlight on my balcony.
  2. I recently bought OPI's Light My Sapphire, it's a nice inky blue.
  3. Ooooh , it looks like it would be really pretty. :drool: Is light my sapphire pretty close to this GlamDiva ? :confused1: B/c I :love: OPI polish.

  4. Light My Sapphire
    is darker, it's a very dark blue. It almost looks black in the bottle, but when it's on you can tell that it's an ink blue. I like OPI polish too, OPI and Chanel are my favorite :love:.
  5. I like that color! I used to wear a dark blue with silver glitter, sort of like a stary sky.
  6. I agree that navy blue is the hot color. They had navy blue in Lucky also (it was Light my Sapphire). I also saw an ad for OPI Russian Navy. I can't decide which one I want actually...
  7. Hmmm, interesting.
  8. Do you think it is wrong for me to continue wearing Essie Loophole? It is a silver colour and was in for the summer. I haven't even used half of the bottle and don't know what to do with it.
  9. First I will say "Wear what you like!" but yes, metallics are still big for fall. I have some metallic grays & of course, Black Satin that I will continue to wear:yes:
  10. I had on Loophole 2 weeks ago. I really like it. Also OPI Russian Navy is a great color. OPI Blue My Mind is a bright blue which I just got but haven't tried it yet. Also OPI Ink is like Russian Navy with sparkles in it.
  11. Funny that you posted this because about 3 weeks ago, I got navy blue for my pedi!! Didn't even know it was in style, I just thought it was a neat color. Go me!
  12. OK, first off I have to say I love the blue water as much as blue nail polish!! Weather look good down there!!

    I love navy toes - so fun!

  13. ^^^ It looks like an ad for the nail polish. I can't get that view in NYC.
  14. That is a beautiful view :shocked:
    Ima try the dark blue polish on saturday when i get my mani/pedi im sure ill have to go by CVS and buy my own bottle tho, These salons are "with it"
  15. Thanks girls, today was a beautiful morning!

    Well, you know you can come visit Maxter;)~ You know where to find me!

    Totally off topic but I woke up to this Sunday morning... Ok, back to blue toes!