Fall '07 Marc Jacobs Mix Quilted Hobo in Grey

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  1. yes. w. 4th location has the berry color available. mercer st. has the cognac and grey.
  2. The Marc by MJ store that just opened in Chicago has a bunch of those bags - yellow, ivory, gray, brown and black. One of the SAs said it was a special promotion since the store just opened but another SA said that they'll be carrying select MJ bags on a regular basis.
  3. ^^That would be so cool if they carry some MJ collection bags from time to time. :tup:
  4. How does it look in real life? They Grey color is the same as the Mayfair and the Chic?
  5. ^ yes, the same grey. it's very nice.
  6. i may be wrong.. but i think i saw it in a berryishq color.