Fall 07 Hayden Harnett now available!

  1. I just checked haydenharnett.com and they have fall 07 bags up and available for purchase (with approx. 8/15 ship date)!

    Anyone place an order yet?
  2. I am really loving that ruby red lorca
  3. Hey, I never noticed before that they had the Mercer triple-c in blue croc! It's on sale right now for 1/2 price. That is a snazzy bag.

    I'm totally drooling over the Bardot leather jacket and Biba dress.
  4. I bought the Mercer Triple-Compartment Satchel in chalk a few months back and it's not my favorite bag. I bought it to match my Mercer wallet which I love. I was hoping my love for it would be the same. It just sits kind of flimsy and each compartment is rather shallow. I have to be creative to fit everything that I usually keep in my handbags into this one. I wouldn't recommend this bag. I also have the Hudson Triple- Strap Satchel and the leather is much sturdier and it's very roomy. I love the Suki Ladybag and from the pictures, it looks like it would hold up better.
  5. I love the new Fall styles. Why did I join this Forum? I have only been a member for about a month and I have bought two handbags, drooling for many others, and now I can't stop searching for them. I wouldn't be surprised if I bought a couple more before the end of the summer!
  6. Happens to us all!
  7. Tell me about it! lol The hubby keeps saying he;s going to have to figure out a way to block this website from me! :p

    There are some beautiful colors coming out! Does anyone know if there is a discount code at the moment?
  8. I'm loving the fall line. Lots of great new bags and colors. How to choose?! LOL!
  9. I am eyeing a Mercer Clutch but at this point, after all the recent sales, I don't think I can ever pay retail for one of their bags :sad:

    I previously owned a Triple Satchel in Ink but I ended up selling it. While I loved how soft the leather was, it was just too smooshy for me. During the recent sale I purchased a Travel Gaza satchel but that was too big and bulky so I returned it.

    I love my Dominique Hobo (not to be confused with the Satchel). The Hobo was only $118 (I believe they are now sellling it for $400+). I also love my Black Suki- I've been wearing it every day. The leather on the Hobo isn't the soft HH leather, it's harder. The Suki leather is really soft but it's much more structured. Love it.

  10. I'm so glad you love your Suki JudieH! :smile:
  11. I may want a Sonia tote but I hope to see the new colors in person before deciding. I also like the Pallenberg duffle in caffe. For a new style and color I expect I will pay retail (with 15% discount code) as I was a fan of HH before the sales and bought my first bag last year for retail.
  12. CityChris- I hope you do see the Pallenberg Duffle in person before ordering...I bought the Saffron color during the sale and returned. I felt the the leather was very stiff, hard and it is a heavy bag (beautiful, but no smoosh at all). Might be more your style, but just want to give you a heads up...
    BTW, I love the Hudson satchel I got during the same sale :smile:!
  13. ROCK2007 will get you 15% off any non-sale item.
  14. Thanks for letting me know, I definitely don't like my bags to be too heavy.

    There are also fall HH bags available for pre-order at lunaboston.com -- use code grechen for 20% discount. I'll probably wait to go there to see the Sonia tote and the Barnard cross-body in bruciato.
  15. Does anyone know when the Suki is coming out in emerald?