Fall 07 Dark Brown Cerf Tote *Pics*

  1. I'm finally getting around to posting photos of my dark brown Cerf tote from the Fall, 07 collection. It's a very dark chocolate brown, like a Hersheys dark chocolate bar. I really wanted a more milk chocolate color and have a feeling Chanel went one shade darker on this newly designed Cerf with the tab closure judging from pictures of past season bags on the forum. The photos were taken in natural indoor light except the last one which was taken outside and looks closer to black for some reason.

    No fancy clothes for the modeling shots - it's a sweats day!

  2. very nice!:tup:
  3. I like it!
  4. love the cerf tote - so understated and classy. congratulations!
  5. nice.,, i love the darkness of it..
    looks good on yah...
    have you decided if its a keeper yet
  6. love her! congrats!
  7. pretty!congrats!
  8. Oh, I love it! You always pick the nicest bags Roey!
  9. Gorgeous tote! and love the yummy chocolate brown, Congrats!!!!:tup::smile:
  10. Ohhhh, it's gorgeous Ro, ahh (makes me wanna eat some chocolate haha... not that I ever need an excuse to)!! :love: :nuts: :p The color does seem a bit darker than I remember the past season cerf totes being too (reminds me of the dark brown GST I had and returned)! :smile: It's very classy and understated, and hell, it even looks fab with sweats (haha, I'm wearing sweats now too)!! ;) Congrats and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  11. Great bag! I just love the Cerf tote!
  12. Wow, it looks almost black on my screen! Do you love it, Roey?
  13. Gorgeous tote!:drool:
  14. Nice bag...Love the dark brown color...Enjoy!!!
  15. Thanks for all the sweet replies!

    Lani, I do love it but wish I had purchased a previous season brown Cerf when they were available. Didn't you have a brown Cerf at one time? Which season was it from and what was the color like? I wanted my Cerf to be the color of your marron shopper.

    I haven't snipped the tag yet but I have been wanting a Cerf for sooo long. Black, white and beige are out as I already have enough bags in these colors. I'm trying to add more brown to my collection. My Mom insists it doesn't look black and sees it as a true dark chocolate brown IRL (so I said, Ma, why don't you pay for it and we'll share? LOL! She didn't buy that comment - literally!).