Fall '07 Colors that excite you the most

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Which Fall '07 colors excite you the most?

  1. tabac (tobacco, siena)

  2. bleu (ocean blue)

  3. vert foncé (dark olive)

  4. rouille (rust, paprika)

  5. rouge (tomato)

  6. plomb (lead, dark slate, steel - i.e. grey)

  7. ivoire (ivory, creme)

  8. mogano (mahogany, cinnamon)

  9. mastic (oatmeal)

  10. jaune (marigold)

  11. violet (grape)

  12. pine

  13. magenta - Limited Edition

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm going to try to do a poll...I will probably mess it up. Not sure if you can do as many poll options as we need for all the colors... I am going to try to set it up so you can choose as many colors as you want!!
  2. Looks good to me!!

    I am totally dying to see MAGENTA of course, and Ocean, plus Tomato. Although I am sooo over needing another red now that I have Ms Rouille (honestly, this is the best color ever!! firey and deep and intense!!!)
  3. I can't wait to see the violet!!!:love::love::love: I'm so excited!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Im interested in definitely seeing jaune and Magenta....!

    Although, Im not too sure if I could pull of a yellow bag..HMM! But I can't wait till they arrive.
  5. I'd be most interested in a small accessory in yellow!
  6. I am most excited for jaune, steel, and mastic. Can't wait!
  7. I left off black...hope that's okay. ;) Also, I noticed that I did not see WHITE on the ateliernaff swatch list ... does that mean that there will be no white for Fall '07, and Ivoire will be the closest?
  8. I'm really excited to see marigold. I really hope I like the colour. If I do I think I'm gonna get it in city GH.
    I'd also like to get a small accessorie in violet. Perhaps the new flap clutch. By the way does anyone know the flap clutch's official style name?

    Also very excited about the LE magenta. Unfortunately I haven't ordered since the customs would be huge! But I'm soo looking forward to seeing pics of the magenta with GH. I think it's gonna be TDF!
  9. I voted for violet and mogano. I have 2 black bbags I really want a bright color next.
  10. Nope...no white this fall. Only Ivory. Thats what Daphne told me when I wanted to be waitlisted for a white work with SGH :sad:
  11. Hmm, I can't imagine how this one will turn out. ;) Marigold and Grape, anyone?

    Personally, those colours look great and I am excited for both of them, but I can't wait to see Ocean. I really want it to be in between Blueberry and French Blue!
  12. I voted for Violet but I am also VERY EXCITED to see Jaune, Rouge and Steel!
  13. marigold. so exciting to finally have a yellow in the collection again. it has been too long...
  14. My vote went to Marigold and Sienna.

    I'm excited about Bleu and Steel, too! But have both seen them in person and I'm really anxious as to what colors Marigold and Sienna will really be like.
  15. sienna, tomato, violet, marigold. I'm waitlisted for the latter two but am trying to scheme up ways to find the $$$ for the first two!