Fall 07 colors are here!... Well some of them are here

  1. Got a few pictures from the SR at AR. Just wanted to share with you all.
    city_bleu.jpg city_mastic.jpg city_mogano.jpg city_plomb.jpg
  2. These are Bleu, Mastic, Morgano, and Plomb
  3. Not to leave out a Tabac First
  4. Oh, that plomb is tdf. that's what i thought anthracite would be. gorgeous.
  5. Thanks for the pics, yay!
  6. okay, I'm lost. I'm assuming bleu is ocean. What's morango? is that the same as cinnamon? and is mastic the same as oatmeal? help?
  7. Yeah, I'm liking the steel much more than I thought I would. Oh well, I can't get them all. The tabac is also quite nice. Anyone have any photos of the ivory or know if it has arrived yet?

    Again, the leather for F/W 07 looks absolutely fantastic!!
  8. The plomb looks, well, black on my monitor - although admittedly a soft black with no undertones. Are there any undertones that I can't see?

    Anthracite is definitely a blue shade rather than a black shade, despite its name.

  9. I think you are correct. Bleu is Ocean, Mastic is oatmeal, Morgano is cinnamon... That being said, that is only my best guess! (?)
  10. No tomato yet???
  11. Okay I really have to see steel IRL bc when I saw the pic of it before from the vogue collections magazine it was lighter, it looks cool, and I have a feeling it will be the pre fall hit color, since the rest arent so interesting.
  12. :yes:

    Mogano (Mahogany) = Cinnamon

    Thank you so much for the pictures!! I have been dying to see what sienna looks like! I like the color...though I like the steel one, too! :nuts:

    Chuggie - I am LOVING this season's leather!! All the pics I've seen so far have luscious, beautiful leather! :heart:
  13. You rock girl! Fantastic info. I love the mastic. You know I have been wanting sandstone, but this may have to be what I choose instead! Thank you.
  14. Plomb is much darker than I thought. I'm still looking forward to Grape!
  15. Well, this has been an eye opener. I though Steel / Plomb would be more like Grey 05. A true grey - you know...I think I might change to Ocean, Jaune & Violet instead of Plomb....Oh well...