FALL '06 - what's on your WANT list?

  1. Just wondering what everyone has on their wishlists for Fall. It seems like the bags are starting to show up (or at least photo's of them are) - it's already got me thinking!:graucho:
  2. Thinking about the grenat b-bag, but want to look at the bags IRL to see if the leather is similar to/different from S06...

    Thinking about the khaki (or other) Ramona, but I have 4 already...probably need to downsize a bit if another Ramona joins the "family"...

    Have not seen any "new" bags that I am crazy about yet...
  3. I will want whatever new LV bag comes out..LOL..as usual..and the new Prada collection supposably has woven handles(like the SPy)per my SA..so I am psyched to see the new Prada collection.I hear its the best yet...then there is the new Dior Rebele line.....too much to list..sigh...LOL!
  4. I'll want a grenat b-bag and may be a LV damier speedy. For x-mas I'll get myself a Bottega Veneta ball-bag. That's it.
  5. I'm not sure. I think I want the lux bowler, but I'm still debating it (trying to decide if its classic enough or not - since I had loved balenciaga city and I dont anymore).

    Other than that, probably a LV. Don't know which one though!
  6. i don't know yet, something niceeeeeeeeee:graucho:
  7. Silver LV Speedy
    Chanel Lux Bowler
    Pre-Loved denim LV Speedy or Pleaty
  8. Hhmmm... I can't wait to see what LV has for fall. Also, my chanel SA said that the fall collection is TDF. I have a feeling chanel will get a huge chunk of my paycheck:love: Then there is balenciaga.....I can't wait to see those colors IRL! Arghhh! I just need to lie low for a while until the fall bags come out! Must not spend...must not spend....well...at least until after I get my damier speedy this weekend! THEN- I swear I'm going to lie low!!;)
  9. I've pre-ordered the red oversized muse. I also like the taupe. Can't decide to switch or not. Other than that...maybe another bbag purse style or a city. I'd also like to see what JC puts out for fall.
  10. CHANEL.CHANEL. and more CHANEL!

    I've made myself swear to myself, that I will not buy another bag until end of summer.

    Can I last 2 months??!!??
  11. So far all I want is the large Celine crocodile doctor's bag.
  12. I want to get a paddy satchel but I'm having a hard time deciding on which color. I like too many of them!
    I'm also thinking of getting a Stam and possibly another Muse - I'm loving the new orange Muse. :heart:
  13. LV Damier Saleya PM :heart: That's it... for now :graucho:
  14. hermes ORANGE MUSE
  15. I want dior.