Fall 06 Red Python Flap

  1. I just saw this in this Bazaar magazine. Red python flap for $2495. I wonder it come in other solid color? I'm dying to get one those exotic bag. Can not afford the alligator one. What do you think of this python in red?

    Anyone seen it IRL yet and where? Thanks in advance.
  2. Lovely, I got a Bottega in this red, and it catches a lot of attention when you carry it.
  3. Is it hard to care python material?
  4. My SA said that python isn't particularly delicate, but it can shed a little here or there, but it's not an issue apparently.
  5. I have this exact same bag in black/purple. The one think I love about this bag is that it is light as a feather!
  6. droooooooooooolz