Fall '06 Fakes are out!

  1. Be careful everyone, the fakes are out!:rant: :rant:



    This seller from Singapore has other '06 styles available besides these two...

    I also noticed this site had fake '06 Britt bags:

  2. Dang, they dont waste any time do they?
  3. oh no... :rant: :censor: :yucky:
  4. yech
  5. Ewwww
  6. They all should be shot lol. I hate fakes. Why do people buy the fake's if you can't afford to buy the real thing then don't buy at all. It makes me so mad.
  7. Thats horrible!!
  8. Grrrr
  9. :censor: :rant: :censor:
  10. :censor:
  11. Yuck.
  12. These bags are :censor: ugly fakes!!!
  13. LOL...They must have too much time to do nothing.