Fall '05 Bordeaux Purse from our Beloved PFer

  1. Aaaaaaaak, I'm so tempted!
  2. My sentiments exactly, Cal! What a lovely purse. Great style- fits perfectly over the shoulder. Oh, The colour, Oh, the leather. Oh, I so want. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Must resist! Good Luck, LP
  3. Love this bag!!! If I did not have a bordeaux twiggy I would jump at it. Good luck with your sale!!!
  4. Woow Great bag!!!
    I hope a Pfer win this beauty !!!
  5. Lovely color, what a shame that I don't have the extracash!!!
  6. that's a beauty. very tempting
  7. LP always prices her bags so resonably for such lovely bags!
  8. wow, love this!!!

    bordeaux has cast a spell on me. i always want more!
  9. I want this so bad I can taste it.
  10. go for it!! will be a nice partner for your twiggy in your avatar!:yahoo:
  11. I did it!:yahoo:

    Now I have to sell my treadmill that I never use to reimburse my savings account. How sad (not!)

    I'm so excited, I've wanted a purse for so long and this particular one is just yummy!
  12. Yay, Lori!! The purse is wayyy better than a treadmill!
  13. I'm thinking the Purse size will make my ass look smaller, thus the treadmill is no longer necessary.
  14. ^:roflmfao: