Falalala Lifetime, anyone?

  1. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I'm obsessed with Lifetime right now :p

    Has anyone else seen their new Christmas movies? I thought "Holiday Switch" with Nicole Eggert was so cute! :nuts:
  2. I haven't caught any of the movies yet but I love watching Carson and Melissa doing the ads for falalala Lifetime!
  3. Ummm. Yes. I haven't seen the new movies, but, yes, I do like this channel. A lot.

    I LOVE the Golden Girls and I am really ticked they changed the schedule a while back. I think I want them on DVD. :wtf:

    You can laugh. It's okay. :yes:
  4. Laugh, NEVER!:nogood: I absolutely love The Golden Girls. I watch it all the time on Lifetime and bought the complete DVD set in case they ever take it off! M*A*S*H is the other show that I can literally watch over and over again. I guess my age is showing!;)
  5. I've had crazy insomnia lately, so I gotten hooked on Lifetime's late night line-up... Will and Grace, Frasier, The Golden Girls and The Nanny! I LOVE all those shows :p
  6. OMG- I LOVE The Nanny too. Fran was my idol for awhile. Really. I wanted to rock those crazy outfits and big hair like she did. I wish they'd do that show on DVD. I'd totally buy it!!
  7. Check out Amazon. They have it at a really good price right now.
  8. ^ There was some channel a couple years ago (I think it was Lifetime actually) that ran the ENTIRE series of the Nanny. They did like 2 or 4 episodes a night, from the premier episode to the finale, in order with no repeats. I got completely addicted to it, so I've now seen every episode :p
  9. I am addicted to Lifetime :nuts:

    One of my favorite Christmas presents last year was one of the seasons of the Golden Girls on DVD :tup: