fal winter gucci belt bag!

  1. hey guys i went to my local designer store last week to pic out a gucci key wallet for my mother! she loved it ! but anyway, when i was there i saw a really cool belt bag!! i think its from fall winter, its all black with green and red striped going down the middle? along with GG at the corner. it was on sale £260/£240 [i forgot] reduced to £120. is this a good deal lol. im 15 and still in high school so when will i be able to use it? btw ive got a LV messenger to use..

    Cheerz !:biggrin:
  2. lol and also ive seen guys wearing belt bags in really hot ways. anyone care to tell me or show pics?:graucho:
  3. [​IMG]< here lol:p
  4. that is so cute for a 15 year old to wear one.. you can always use it during the summer, vacations, movies.. all the recreational activities. A cool way to wear it would be backwards, where the the pouch is on the back instead of the front. And don't forget, you can place it on the side too.. but hung loosely. make sense? lolz... hope so. sounds like the bag was reduced to half price!! i say its a GREAT price. Good luck!
  5. ohh goood ideas:biggrin::biggrin:!!! i think ill go for !! cheerz for ur advice gucci lover :biggrin::biggrin:
  6. i'm a big fan of belt bags! can't beat hands free shopping!! :smile: