Faking creatively?

  1. Check out this website...it's really interesting (not that I'm supporting fakes, though:biggrin:):

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  2. wow MayDay, those people are talented!

    She states the reason behind her project as "an attempt to insert strange variants into the stream of commerce and consumption" which I think is total bull because designers come out with new products every season. Still, it's some great crochet work.

    But now this makes me think.... is encouraging people to make their own fakes and then carry them, just as bad as selling fakes?

    I think it is in a way, because people are encouraged to make fake bags that they normally wouldn't make by the prospect of her posting the pics onto her site. So just like selling them, she's responsible for putting the fakes out into the world.

    **I put waaaay too much thought into this... but I can't sleep so it's either TPF or a snack, and this is my apetite control. **
  3. A diet pop sans caffeine can suppress hunger without keeping me up:smile:

    Yeah I agree! Designers come out with funky/edgy designs all the time...her reason doesn't really justify her cause.

    In a way they MAY be better than fakes, because they don't actually pretend to be the real bag (unless someone thinks that Dior/Chanel/Gucci made these knitted bags), and they don't force labourers to work under unacceptable conditions (no child labour either, I hope). But still these are copyright infringements (especially if she sells them).

    Nonetheless, I really admire the talent!!!
  4. very creative indeed...and cute bags!!!
  5. I agree, she's very creative and good, but she should put her energy elsewhere rather than making fake designer knockoffs... too bad!
  6. Very cute! Personally I wouldn't lump these bags in with the usual designer fakes and knockoffs because they are so clearly NOT Chanel, Dior, etc. I think it's meant to be humorous, and IMO it is.
  7. I would view this as art and this is ingenous. I really don't think people will view these as actual "Guccis" or actual "Dior's".
  8. I must say she's very talented when it comes to crochet. However, I don't really see the point of making copies of designer purses. Why not design your own original bags and make them?
  9. That brown Chanel bag is TOO cute! I want it!
  10. Those are actually quite cute!
  11. I love that first one!
  12. I like these a lot, and i definitely think they are not on par with 'fakes' as they are not trying to pull themselves off as authentic Chanel. Also, they are handmade, not made in a sweatshop and funding terrorism and blahlblahblahhh so there's really nothing 'bad' about. I think they're super cute!
  13. WOW!!!! pretty & creative. i like to knit and crocheted...
    it's cite :p
    i should say it's more inspired than counterfeit :yes:
    i've even see my friend got this very funny fake LV graffiti, but instead saying LOUIS VUITTON on the graffiti, it says FAKE... sooo funny
  14. I think if they kept the actual logo and name off, it would be very cute.
  15. I've seen things like this before to me they look like bad home ec project