Fakety Fake Fake Fake

  1. YUCK..... I WENT TO OUR LOCAL FLEA MARKET YESTERDAY TO GET BOOKS AND.....big table of fake coach bags....I had one of my bags with me and the girl still tried to sell me one lol I just said no thank you i dont carry knock off bags (i would just get a target bag and be done with it)They were gross too...I saw some styles that coach does not even make...the worst part was alot of people were buying them.....
  2. :throwup: flea markets have the worst fakes. LOL
    Funny you mention Target because I was there yesterday and one of their bags looked like a bad imitation of the new GiGi. Do they design some of their bags to look like Coach styles? I know this wasn't the first Target bag I've seen that reminded me of a Coach style.
  3. Ugh... I know. One of the girls at work was admiring my Coach Sunglasses the other day. Friday she came up to me wearing the worst fakes! Just plain Cheap looking! She boldly stated she had gotten them at Cowtown (a NJ Flea Market), that it was the only vendor that had this style that she was able to bargain them down to $15!

  4. I noticed that bag at Target too. The GiGi was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it. I've been running into a lot of bad fakes lately. A woman at Lowe's had a horrible knock off legacy stripe tote. The colors were really off and the bag looked really cheap. :tdown:
  5. Yeah, they are hideous..I would never waste my money on those knock offs!!
  6. OMG!!!! I just came back from a local street festival (carnival and craft show) and what was there but a FEW tables of GOACH's!!!!!!!!!! OMG...they were even more fuglier up close and personal!!! YES, I actually HAD TO go over to the tables, pick one up and LOOK at it b/c I have only seen them ON people! HOW icky is ALL I can say...and the tables were MOBBED w/ people buying them...bags/wallets/scarves/etc....I was completely mortified...especially since I was carrying chocolate Carly w/ me and my son SCREAMS out "HEY, MOM....how come THESE bags have G's ALL OVER THEM.....ARE THEY GOACH'S??????" (he is only 8, so I think it was forgiven!!!!!!) Out of the mouths of babes, I tell you!!!!! :wtf:
  7. ^^ Oh Mommyville that's such a cute story...I mean sad about the Goaches but what what your son yelled!!
  8. I was MORTIFIED!!!!!!! He doesnt even KNOW what a GOACH is, but he sure knows that him MOM is into COACH, so he figured he would be FUNNY and "make up" a name for the "G" bags!!!! Little does he know...they ALREADY have a name!!!!!!! GOACH!!!! LOLOLOL...
  9. OMG that's even funnier he nailed it with the name...I thought you had already taught him what a GOACH was, LMAO!!!:nuts:
  10. NOOO!!! That is why I was sooooooooo MORTIFIED when he came out w/ that!!!! I was biting my lip so HARD b/c there were so many Goach lookers STARING at us, but I was LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I am HOME, it was QUITE FUNNY!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL
  11. Were they actually full on counterfeit? IE. Have the Coach C logo and name on them? I'm surprised that people could get away with selling anything other than inspired bags in public like that!:rolleyes:

  12. eew. You should tell her that just because they say "coach" on them doesn't make them a "Coach" product. She probably won't understand though. I've given up trying to convince people not to carry fakes.
  13. flea markets are hecka funny because they've got things to make you laugh from left to right. yeah, you'll find styles that coach doesn't even make...... there comes the creativity.
  14. isnt that completely illigal?? I HATE people selling and buying fake stuff, It just devalues the originals, I bought a pair for CHANEL earrings, and a few months later they became one of the most popular faked items, I was sooo mad!!!
  15. Too funny, I saw those weird bags at Target yesterday too! :amazed: