1. How common are fakes for items that aren't as popular? I know there are a lot of fakes for LV, Chloes, Gucci, etc. but what about Ferragamo, Isabella Fiore, Geralde, etc?

    Thank you! :flowers:
  2. I know there are IF and Kooba counterfeits.
  3. Yeah, I didn't think there would be Kooba fakes... eBay proved me wrong.
    But that incident led me here! :love:
  4. I've seen some Botkier fakes selling around some small LA stores...
  5. there are fake everything!!!!
  6. basnshoofetish is right. If you want to be certain that an item *is* being faked, search for it on iOffer.com. I was extremely saddened to see that the crochet McQueen Novaks are being counterfeited by doing an ioffer search (still no calfskin ones, though). I live in an area with a strip of "wholesale" stores, several sell faked bags, it's scary how much stuff gets faked.
  7. Yep! It even goes beyond bags -- shoes, clothing, etc.
  8. Almost any high quality item has a fake. Even for children's stuff. My daughter loves American Girls dolls, clothing, etc.-there's even fake doll clothes for crying out loud!!!!!
  9. I see fake Mulberrys all the time here in the UK.
  10. EVERYTHING is faked. Even medicine, cosmetics, and FOOD. They were selling FAKE eggs in some countries. Looks like eggs on the outside, even fries like eggs when you put them on the pan. It also tastes like eggs but it will KILL you because they make it with some silicones, polyester and other chemicals.
  11. There are fakes of everything out there!!

    Mom and I were shopping for new WMF pots and pans once - and we went into this one store (we were in Poland) and they had some, but when you really looked at them, you could tell that they weren't the quality that WMF is known for. The teflon wasn't really teflon, the handle wasn't made of a sturdy material like real ones are (these were cheap plastic that I could bend...), etc.
  12. It is so scary what is faked, even brands or goods that do not cost much in the first place.

    I am really weary of buying anything designer unless it is from an authorised seller. Its a shame really because I bet I am missing out of some good deals elsewhere.

    I have just had my fingers burn't before!
  13. I saw a lot of off-the-wall fakes in markets when I was in Russia. One of my favorites was a "Nautical Competition" jacket.