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  1. Okay, this is the one and only thing that i get really upset about. It used to be that i didnt really care if someone had a fake bag if they told people it was fake. but now i just despise them in general. my senior year of high school this girl had a fake papillon 30 bag. at first i thought that it might be real because we live in the same neighborhood and our neighborhood is known for being "rich stuck up" (I'm not) but anyways.... a few months go by her straps are exactly the same color as the first day. i never really cared for her, but i decided to do some investigating on her bag. so one day during class i go to sharpen my pencil..... and i look at the handles. the "red edge dying" is like coming off, the zipper is totally wrong and the monogram is a slightly different color. i didnt like her telling people that her bag was real, when it most certainly was not, so i started letting people know the truth about her bag. anyways, when people told her she told them that i was lying. and i was like, here is what a real bag looks like. its not like people didnt know that i own authentic items. everyone and their mom knows my bags are real. but, what do you know, i win best dressed, but she does too. i was like, "we should pose with our bags, but wait, yours isnt real." then i was like, "i'll let you borrow one of mine." hahaha. im not usually a b**** to people, but when someone tells people that im lying about bags. thats when i get super pissed. but yeah, i absolutely hate fakes now.
  2. The nerve of some people. :boxing: Be proud to carry your real bags!!
  3. Shes is SUCH a loser.......trust me .....i have those girls at my school too....and im SOOOO GLAD they never put foot in a LV boutique....they dont deserve it in my opinion...:woohoo:
  4. I have to ask. . . why would you tell people her's is fake? It's fine to not support fakes, but it's a whole other thing to degrade people publicly for it.

  5. because she was telling people that it was real. i usually dont do things like that, but i also never liked her
  6. I don't like fakes either. But was it necessary to "let people know" about it. Maybe she bought a fake because she doesn't have the money for a real one (even though she lives in a rich neighbourhood) or she got it as a present and didn't realise that it is a fake. Instead of letting people know about it and emberassing her you could have explained to her how fakes are being made by child labour and are used to launder terrorist money.
  7. I hate threads about spotting fakes.
    We are here to discuss AUTHENTIC LVs, don't waste time bemoaning someone else's fake handbag....just be proud of your own Vuitton.
  8. IMO, i would've just said nothing
    maybe she wants to feel good about herself but, can't really afford it. maybe her mother wouldn't let her buy one. i take all that and some in consideration.
  9. Well said :yes:
  10. I think the best way to handle this without humiliating anyone is educating your classmate and peers on how to spot fakes instead of pointing out names. ;)
  11. I couldn't agree with you more. :tup:
  12. I know it can be irksome when someone has a fake and tells people it's real but I think that's their business, not ours. There are many reasons why people carry fakes; they can't afford a real one, they think it's real, it might be a gift, etc. Either way, I don't think it's nice to embarrass someone just because they have a fake. I would just ignore it, don't waste time on thinking about it and enjoy your real LVs.:tup:
  13. I'm glad you spoke up...ITA!
  14. I agree!
  15. You may carry a real bag, but it doesn't bestow good manners on you.
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