1. :cursing: Hi Everyone,
    i am new to this site, but it is awesome!!!! ok i love louie and gucci.....i have a problem that drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! there is a little boutique 2 miles from my home that sells fake lv coach necklaces.... chanel, fake purses!!! is there anything i can do....it makes me ill to know know all the children making them in the sweat shops...i spent 6hrs on eBay reporting all the fakes 1 day, but that only gets you so far...any advise?:confused1:
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  3. Ho, ho, Lexus72! If you search, there's a thread that I started about a fake purse shop that opened near me, and I went through all sorts of gyrations trying to get the thing closed....reported to local police, news, every corporate headquarters for the brands they were selling...you name it.....and nothing has been done yet.....that was almost a year ago! I just don't know how they get away with it, really!
  4. I can see how the police have other things to do, but I would think that corporate would have something to say. Maybe they prefer to go after the wholesalers.
  5. Nothing will be done :graucho:My local nail shop sells *LOuis* and *Chanels* too, openly.