1. hello,
    i was at my friends house and helping her set up for something, she didnt tell me what it was becuase she new that i hate fakes, well i got there and there was tones of fakes it was like a store ina house with fakes,dior makeup, louis vuitton fakes clothing, jewlery.more purses,belts,wallets,every thing you could think of and it was all for sale. for under 50$$ each.and i didnt like how she went to china got all this stuff and sells it hear :tdown::tdown:

    what do you think i sould do??
  2. perhaps you should not participate in this little venture of hers. do you feel like reporting her, or no?
  3. OMG I would be :sick: to my stomach
  4. The is so gross.
  5. I'd report her :sick:
  6. You might want to politely point out to her that selling these things could land her in jail. I am sure she wouldn't want the police to batter down her door and haul her away in cuffs.
  7. why would she ask you to come if she knew you hated fakes? btw what she's doing IS illegal. if you don't feel like you'd be able to report her, at least don't participate.
  8. :cursing: i would say something to her
  9. Wow, can't believe she asked you to help her. I would let her know how you feel, that it's illegal and you don't want to help her.
  10. wow...i can't believe she asked you to help her when she knows that you hate fakes!! i don't think you should report her.. that would untimately ruin your friendship, not to mention her life.. perhaps you should try and talk to her about how it is illegal and could get her into some very serious trouble?
  11. how do you report people??
  12. I've never done it... but I think just give the police a call to the police and tell them that you know that someone is throwing a purse party and is planning on selling fakes, which is illegal. :tdown:
  13. they just had a major fake bag and jeans bust in palm springs area where i live. i guess they had been monitoring these people for quite a while. i thought it was so great to see them get busted!

    I saw a hideous Azur Alma the other day, some lady was carrying. :throwup::throwup:

    i would report her or at least tell her why fakes are so bad and stay far far away...
  14. I hate fakes and I wish everyone that sold them would go to jail or be fined.

    I would tell her it is illegal.